Buffalo Rose Redesign (Take 2)

The Library’s Tuesday night book group will meet tonight at 6.  They’ll be discussing Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  At 6:30, the Library will host a speaker discussing “Privacy and Civil Liberties in the Digital Age.”

Buffalo Rose Redesign - Golden ColoradoClick to enlarge

Tomorrow Night
You may recall that last fall, the owner of the Buffalo Rose brought plans for a redesign to the Planning Commission and the Historic Preservation Board.  At that time, the owner planned to demolish and rebuild most of the structure, and add a rooftop dining area. (Click here to see those earlier plans.)  The owner now has a new set of plans that do not involve demolition–he plans to remodel the existing building.

The owner will be at tomorrow night’s Planning Commission study session to discuss the new plans.  The Planning Commission wants to discuss whether the design complies with the 2009 Downtown Character Code.  That code was put in place to ensure that new or redesigned buildings would harmonize with the rest of downtown’s architectural styles, materials, height, colors, etc.  The new design will also come before the Historic Preservation Board at their August meeting.  To see the details of the Buffalo Rose redesign, check the Planning Commission’s meeting packet on the city website.

The Planning Commission will also discuss the results of meetings that were held between the School of Mines and the surrounding historic neighborhoods.  The School of Mines has done a lot of building in recent years, and plans to continue building and growing.  Residents of the surrounding neighborhoods find that Mines’ growth is eroding the quality of life for the neighbors.  The City is trying to broker an arrangement where Mines’ growth will have less negative impact of the surrounding neighborhoods.  For more information, see the meeting packet.