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    Emergency rescue practice in Clear Creek during spring run-off
    Golden Eye Candy – Elizabeth Barr – Emergency Rescue Practice – enlarge

    The torrential flows in Clear Creek make this an ideal time to practice emergency rescues!

    Emergency rescue practice in Clear Creek during spring run-offGolden Eye Candy – Alan Pinkus – Emergency Rescue and a Kayaker – enlarge


    6-6:55AM Cardio Lift Interval (Virtual)
    8-8:55AM Tai Chi (Virtual)
    8:30-9:30AM Power Training (Virtual)
    9AM Golden Walks – Wednesday Morning Celebrating Life @ Golden Library
    10:15-10:45AM Toddler Time @ Golden Library
    10-10:55AM All Levels Yoga (Virtual)

    10:15-10:45AM Outdoor Story Time @ Golden History Museum
    10:30AM-12PM Hands-on Activities @ Golden History Museum
    11:30AM-12:45PM Community Development Committee @ Golden Visitors Center
    3-5PM Morning StArt: An Artist Coffee Meetup with Jeff Warner – Happy Hour Edition @ Foothills Art Center – SOLD OUT!
    3-5PM Hard Times Writing Workshop (Virtual)

    6-8PM AAC Library Speaker Series: Filling in the Blank @ American Mountaineering Center
    A passion-project of AAC Past President Jim McCarthy and Tom Hornbein—themselves mountaineering legends by any standard—the American Alpine Club’s Legacy Series pays tribute to the visionary climbers who made the sport what it is today and stands as a commitment to securing their legacies.

    The Legacy Series was born from interviews taken for the Vision Inspiration Project, a large-scale effort to document the oral history of American climbing. Working with filmmakers Jim Aikman, Pete Takeda, and Graham Zimmerman, McCarthy and Hornbein as well as Project Manager Ellen Lapham identified and interviewed climbing’s most historic and fabled names, from Yvon Chouinard to Fred Beckey, Glen Dawson to Irene Beardsley. Through intimate, long-form interviews recorded in the subject’s homes, the Vision Inspiration Project explores climbing careers, philosophies, and thoughts on the future of the sport.Many of the Project’s subjects have since passed away, demonstrating the profound importance of capturing these stories while we still can. In total, the 10+ year project collected over 70 recorded interviews to be preserved in the American Alpine Club’s Library for future generations to enjoy.

    Presented here, the Legacy Series features nine short films and four podcasts adapted from Vision Inspiration Project interviews: Joanne and Jorge Urioste, Jack Tackle, Jim Whittaker, Glen Denny, Allen Steck, Betsy White, John Gill, Tom Hornbein, Jim McCarthy, Arlene Blum, Yvon Chouinard, Irene Beardsley, and Steve House.

    7:30PM SCRIPTprov @ Miners Alley Playhouse
    What happens when a scene from a “legit” play gets hijacked by improvisers? HILARITY ENSUES! Come join us for all of the action!

    See the complete calendar of events.

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    6:30PM Planning Commission Meeting @ City Hall
    Planning Commission will hold a public hearing regarding 23 Washington Avenue (map). This lot contains a home under construction. It was approved in x 2022. That plan included a two car garage. The owners are requesting a Major Adjustment, going from a two-car to a three-car garage. This would exceed the maximum rear building envelope area (BEA). The approved form type allows 40% rear coverage. The proposed change would bring the hometo 56% coverage. The owners are requesting the change to guard against vehicle theft. Staff responds that the lot in question is not exceptionally vulnerable to vehicle theft.

    The second public hearing regards lots 2-17 (map) of the Canyon View Subdivision (map). The Development Plan for this neighborhood specified a 40 foot setback from the rear of the lot. This proposal would change the setback to 20 feet, which would allow homeowners to add on their homes or build additional structures in their backyards. The meeting packet includes three letters of support and two letters stating objections from neighbors.

    They will discuss the new zoning code, to see whether any amendments are necessary.

    They will review the Affordable Housing Committee’s recommendations to City Council, which included eliminating the growth limit for affordable housing, reducing required parking, and allowing affordable projects to eliminate the 25% commercial requirement. There are nuances to each of these recommendations, so see the report for all the details.

    They will review SB-213, which would have stripped local governments of their power to make local zoning decisions. The bill didn’t pass in the most recent legislative session, but is expected to return next year.


    4-8PM Chrispy @ Mountain Toad

    6-9PM CW Wooten @ Buffalo Rose (Sky Bar Stage)

    6-9PM Live Music @ Miners Saloon

    6PM Open Mic Night @ Morris & Mae


    35 Years Ago
    The June 7, 1988 Golden Transcript reported that Jefferson County Housing Authority was evaluating the closed-down Holland House as a possible senior living facility. It would have housed 35 seniors in the former hotel rooms. Since the rooms did not include kitchens, it was assumed that they would eat in the hotel dining room.

    The hotel belonged to Colorado National Bank at that time. The bank had foreclosed on the property in 1987.

    The senior housing plan never came together. Instead, the property was acquired in 1990 by Frank Day and Bart Bartles. After extensive renovations, the hotel was reopened in 1992 as the Table Mountain Inn.

    Thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!


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