Boats & Bikes


The water in Clear Creek has gone down enough that the county has lifted the restrictions.  Tubing is now allowed, but it’s still dangerous out there, so be careful!

The Golden Community Rodeo will start tonight, so take a walk down by the Creek and watch the kayak races.

Here’s something new you can do when you have out-of-town visitors.  Golden now has a bike library.  It’s open Thursday – Sunday, 9AM-3PM.  They have 40 bikes, in a variety of types and sizes.  To secure a bike, go to the Visitors Center at 10th & Washington.  You’ll need to provide a credit card, for security, but the first two hours with the bikes are FREE!  You get a lock and a helmet when you rent the bike, and they can provide you with water bottles, maps, and self-guided tours.  Learn more about the Bike Library on the City’s tourism site.