Boards & Commissions Open House Tonight

City Council - Golden Colorado

The City will hold a “Boards and Commissions Open House“at the Community Center tonight from 5:30-7.  This is an opportunity to meet with current members to learn more about serving on a City Board or Commission.

Have you ever wondered how decisions are made in this town?  Have you ever thought, “Why did they decide to do that?”  Have you ever said, “If they had asked me, I would have told them….”  Well now’s your chance to be the one “they” ask.

City Council is looking for new members for the City’s advisory boards & commissions.  Applications are due by March 15th.  You can apply for more than one board–in fact, you’re encouraged to do so, because sometimes they have a lot of applicants for some boards and few applicants for others.  It’s helpful for them to know that you would consider serving on a different board.

Council depends on the boards to study issues in-depth and make appropriate recommendations, so serving on a board really will give you a voice in city policy.  They have openings on the Downtown Development Authority, Economic Development Commission, Fire Pension Board, Golden Urban Renewal Authority, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Planning Commission, and Public Art Commission.  Learn more about the boards and the terms.

And, if you’ve ever thought that you might one day want to run for City Council, you should know that having served on one or more boards is pretty de rigueur.