City of Golden Zoning Code Update

January 19, 2022

City of Golden
Guiding Golden

A third draft of the Zoning Code Rewrite is now available for viewing. This new draft reworks Chapter 18.29 (form zones & form types) and 18.40 (landscaping and site design regulations). These changes were made at the request of the city attorney’s office and are primarily focused on tightening up the language, making it legally defensible, and improving clarity throughout both chapters. Though there are few changes to the regulations presented in Draft 2, Draft 3 does not offer much in the way of substantive policy changes. However, to help the community identify these changes, a companion document that outlines where these edits have been made is available for both 18.29 and 18.40. Finally, a comparison PDF for Chapter 18.29 and a comparison PDF for Chapter 18.40 that highlights the direct text changes is also available… Read more…