Perhaps a Bird Feeder?

May 7, 2019

Meyer Hardware has all sorts of things that your Mom might like for Mothers Day: gardening supplies, housewares, camping equipment, solar garden lights, electric fans, lawn chairs, scented candles, and tools. You could buy her a gallon of paint, and offer to apply it! How about a bird feeder, and a bag of seed? Go wander the aisles of Meyer Hardware, and let your imagination run wild.

Meyer Hardware  |  1103 Arapahoe  |  303-279-3393  |  Map

Spring? Summer? USB Cables? Thread?

March 30, 2019

It’s a little hard to predict which season we’ll be dealing with at this time of the year, but whether you need garden implements or snow removal tools, Meyer Hardware has you covered.

In addition to the predictable things that you know they’ll have–tools, paint, plumbing supplies, light bulbs–I’m always making new and unexpected discoveries at Meyer’s. Did you know they have USB cables? Or sewing supplies? French onion soup bowls, butter dishes, a replacement carafe for a French press…Meyer Hardware is the solution to a lot of household emergencies. Stop by the store and see what problems they can solve for you.

Meyer Hardware  |  1103 Arapahoe  |  303-279-3393  |  Map

Last Minute Gift Suggestions + Celtic Music!

December 21, 2018

I visited several more stores yesterday, asking the owners for gift suggestions. I’ve learned some important things: 1) We have some great stores, filled with interesting merchandise. 2) We have very nice merchants. 3) I am no videographer. It’s been fun! Get some good gift ideas from:

Period Six Studio
Meyer Hardware
Creekside Jewelers
Avenue Gifts
Red Wagon Gift & Garden Shop
Earth Sweet Botanicals
Baby Doe’s Clothing
Spinster Sisters
…or Watch All 8!

Speaking of Meyer Hardware, they will be hosting their annual Celtic Music concert, featuring Jerry Barlow, tomorrow from 12-2PM.

Meyer Hardware  |  1103 Arapahoe  |  303-279-3393  |  Map

Holiday Open House

December 8, 2018

The Downtown Merchants are holding their annual Holiday Open House today. They running sales, offering refreshments, and extending their hours. There will be a parade at 10:30, carolers along the Avenue, free Golden Hayrides from 11:30-12:30 and free horse-drawn carriage rides from 12-3.

Here are the specific things I know about in the stores:

Blue Moose Trading Company - Golden Colorado

Blue Moose Trading Company – Super Sock Saturday…25% off all socks!  1299 Washington Ave.

Photos with Santa Claus at Avenue Gifts, 11:30AM-3PM  1212 Washington Ave.

Baby Doe’s – Home treats and warm tea served, 10AM-6PM  1116 Washington Ave.

Pranatonic - Golden CO

PranaTonic – 50% off almost everything in the store. Come get some Christmas gifts. 807 14th St.

Spinster Sisters will be giving 10% of today’s profits to Foothills Animal Shelter

Rockin’ Horse Antiques – Free question and answer period with two of our expert jewelry dealers. Although we don’t do professional appraisals, we can help you gain some knowledge about gems and jewelry. 12-2PM  1106 Washington Ave.

Wild West Traders - Golden COWild West Traders – 50% of Pistol Cases and 25% off all Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars, 10:30AM-7PM  1111 Washington Ave

Gardner History & Preservation selling Golden history calendars from 11AM-3PM  805 13th St.

Fleur-De-Lis Flowers – 10% off centerpieces priced $75 of more…local delivery only. 1106 Washington Ave.  1106 Washington Ave.

Golden Quilt Company – End of Bolt Sale. Take everything on the bolt, and receive 20% off the entire piece!  1108 Washington Ave.

Vital Outdoors – 20% off clothing, footwear, backpacks, helmets, and goggles.

Toad & Co – 20% off select clothing, denim, shoes, Costa sunglasses.

I don’t know the specific offerings, but these stores are also participating in the open house, so make sure you visit them too!

Creekside Jewelers - Golden COCreekside Jewelers – 1206 Washington Ave.
Earth Sweet Botanicals – 1224 Arapahoe St.
Gold Mine Cupcakes – 700 12th St.
Golden Goods – 1201 Washington Ave.
Golden Sweets – 1299 Washington Ave.
Meyer Hardware – 1103 Arapahoe St.
Mountain Lux Candles – 1111 Washington Ave.
Red Wagon – 1118 Washington Ave.
Wings of Eagles – 805 12th St.

Are you ready? Meyer Hardware is!

December 1, 2018

Meyer Hardware - Golden Colorado

Are you ready for the holidays?  Meyer Hardware has everything you need. They have artificial trees and Christmas tree stands, garland, ornaments, and ornament hangers. They have artificial snow for your holiday village tableaux (and snow shovels, to help you with the real stuff). Meyer’s has indoor and outdoor lights, clips so you can hang the lights from your gutters, and extension cords. They have holiday lawn decorations, and projectors that turn your house into a light show (as seen on TV!). They have wrapping paper, bows, and tags.

The store is also a great place to buy gifts.  Their housewares department has a wonderful array of cooking and serving tools.  They have indoor-outdoor thermometers, bird feeders, fishing and hunting equipment, and every tool imaginable.  Plus–they gift wrap for free!

Meyer Hardware is open Monday – Saturday from 8AM-6PM, and Sunday from 10AM-3PM.

Meyer Hardware  |  1103 Arapahoe  |  303-279-3393  |  Map

Meyer Hardware is the Solution to Pretty Much Everything

August 18, 2018

Meyer Hardware lawn supplies - Golden Colorado

Did you lose a lot of leaves in last week’s hailstorm? Meyer Hardware has rakes, leaf-blowers, and mulching lawnmowers.

Meyer Hardware canning supplies - Golden Colorado

Did your garden survive? Is it time to harvest? Meyer’s has canning supplies! They have Mason Jars, canning racks, canning utensils, stoneware crocks, and pickling mix. If you’re ready to get fancy with your canning, you might need some Chalk Top Canning Jar Lids.

Meyer Hardware decorative canning supplies - Golden Colorado

As the icing on the cake–they’re running a sale right now, and many of the things you need for the on-going summer season are available at a discount.

Meyer Hardware  |  1103 Arapahoe  |  303-279-3393  |  Map

Meyer Hardware, Made Even Better!

July 16, 2018

Meyer Hardware - Golden Colorado

How many Golden homeowners make it through a weekend with one or more trips to MEYER HARDWARE? (Not many!) Meyer’s has an amazing selection of hardware, housewares, paint, gardening tools, plumbing supplies, and more.

Is there any way to make this store even more delightful? Well yes, surprisingly, there is:

Meyers is running a big sale right now! Hundreds of items are on sale, and many of them are summer essentials, such as hoses, sprinklers, lawn furniture, air conditioners, bird baths, fans, insect repellent, canning supplies, and on, and on…. Check the full list of sale items, or just visit the store and enjoy a fun stroll through the aisles!

Meyer Hardware  |  1103 Arapahoe  |  303-279-3393  |  Map

Father’s Day Super Center

June 17, 2018

Haven’t bought a Father’s Day present yet?  Don’t panic!  Meyer Hardware is open till 3PM today, and they definitely have what you need.  They even gift wrap!

Meyer Hardware is the ultimate Father’s Day shopping destination. They have grills, tools, camping equipment, yard-working paraphernalia, cooking supplies, car-working stuff…everything the well-rounded father wants & needs.  How about an outdoor thermometer?  Or a new cordless drill?  A new cookie sheet?  Leather work gloves, a toolbox, a ladder, a trowel, a lawn chair…all great Dad presents, and Meyer Hardware has them all!

Meyer Hardware  |  1103 Arapahoe  |  303-279-3393  |  Map

Hangin’ at the Hardware Store

December 23, 2017

Meyer Hardware - Golden Colorado

One of my favorite events of the Olde Golden Christmas celebration happens today: Celtic guitarist Jerry Barlow will be playing from noon-2PM at Meyer Hardware. Jerry’s music is enchanting, and he usually has CDs available for sale.

The store generally has some chairs set up, so you can sit and listen, or you can enjoy the music as you shop. Meyer’s has a fantastic array of gifts. Some suggestions: a birdfeeder, a cordless drill, solar yard lights, a Kitchenaid mixer, deep fryer, or crockpot (they have a great housewares department). How about an outdoor thermometer, camping equipment, or sporting goods? Or a toolbox, with a few tools and some workgloves?

Spend some time today discovering the treasures at Meyer Hardware while you enjoy Jerry’s Celtic music!

Meyer Hardware  |  1103 Arapahoe  |  303-279-3393  |  Map

December Business Events

November 30, 2017

Shopping in Golden Colorado

Every Sunday
Team Trivia @ Woody’s

Every Monday
Monday Night Run Club @ New Terrain
College Night @ Woody’s

Every Tuesday
Yoga on Tap @ New Terrain
Trivia Night @ Ace Hi
Open Mic Night @ Old Capitol Grill & Smokehouse

Every Wednesday
Miles & Smiles Run Club – Holidaily
Ladies Night @ Ace Hi
Team Trivia @ Woody’s

Every Thursday
Group Run @ Runners High

For details on any of these events, refer to the calendar at

Twelve Days of Christmas Treasure Hunt Begins
Candlelight Walk Reception at Sassafras
Samples at Golden Sweets, 5-9
Appetizers & Specials at Blue Moose, 5-9
Tea and live music at Baby Doe’s, 6:30-8
Gingerbread House workshop at Home Depot
Olde Golden Christmas on Parade
Santa Claus @ Avenue Gifts, 11-3
Kids Make-Your-Own-Bagpipe 11:30-12:30
Free Golden Hayride with Santa after parade
Golden Holiday Open House
Brunch with the Grinch at Jolynn’s
Tea Talks at PranaTonic
Christmas in Goosetown
Sewing 101 at the Stitching Factory
Festive Apps & Sips at Earth Sweet Botanicals
Woody’s Downhill Saturday
UFC 218 Holloway vs Aldo
Golden Women in Business Health & Wellness Holiday Expo
Ski Atlas Release Party @ Bent Gate
UllrGrass Party at New Terrain
Olde Golden Christmas on Parade
Santa Claus @ Avenue Gifts, 11-3
Kids Make-Your-Own-Bagpipe 11:30-12:30
Free Golden Hayride with Santa after parade
Aromatic Gift Making Workshop at Earth Sweet
Festivus for the Rest of Us at Barrels & Bottles
Holiday Sides & Sauces Class at Earth Sweet
Swix Wax Clinic @ Bent Gate
Santa Claus Visit @ Old Capitol Grill
Avalanche Awareness @ Bent Gate
Holiday Wine Tasting at the Briarwood
Film Premiere @ Powder7
Olde Golden Christmas on Parade
Santa Claus at Avenue Gifts
Kids Make-Your-Own-Bagpipe 11:30-12:30
Free Golden Hayride with Santa after parade
Gifts from the Kitchen @ Earth Sweet Botanicals
Free Carriage Rides after the parade
Sewing Machine Maintenance Class
Elf Academy @ Gold Mine Cupcakes
Santa Claus @ Old Capitol Grill
Celtic Music Concert @ Meyer Hardware
Turquoise Jewelry Show @ Spirits in the Wind
New Year’s Eve @ Dirty Dogs Roadhouse
(More to come, but that’s the only one that’s posted at this time.)