Grateful Kids at PranaTonic

November 18, 2018

PranaTonic Yoga and Wellness - Golden CO

Monday through Wednesday from 1:30-2:30 PranaTonic will present a holiday-inspired yoga and mindfulness workshop for kids 5 and up.Classic yoga teaches two of the most important life skills anyone can have, mindfulness and body awareness. In this workshop students will take time working with both to cultivate one of the facets of life that is crucial to long-term happiness. As part of the session, each student will go home with a small gratitude journal in which they can continue the practice through the gift-giving season. Parents will receive a handout with ideas in which they can utilize the season to help their child find gratitude each day all year long.

Each session students will practice classic teachings of yoga postures and breathing techniques with kid-friendly names to find a deeper mind-body awareness. From there we will use mindful awareness techniques, calming breathing techniques, mindfulness stories, and cooperative community activities to find appreciation in various aspects of life.

Practicing yoga and mindfulness with us will help your child increase motor skills, emotional intelligence, social skills, and creativity.

$60 for all three days

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