Biking, kayaking, licensing, and sustainability

Today is Bike to Work day.  Stop by the City’s breakfast station (10th and Washington) on your bike between 6:30 and 9AM, grab a treat, and register to win prizes. More Bike to Work Day stations are available on the website

Tonight’s Golden Kayak Rodeo has been postponed again, since the Creek is still scary-high.  The current plan is that it will start NEXT Wednesday and proceed for the following two.  Whenever they’re finally able to start, they plan to run three Wednesdays in a row.

The Local Licensing Authority meets today at 2:30 in City Council Chambers.  Abejas Modern Bistro, currently under construction at 807 13th Street, is applying for a liquor license.  Maki Sushi restaurant, which is replacing Angels Serve Thai restaurant at 1301 Washington, is requesting that the Angels liquor license be transferred to the new restaurant.  Barrels & Bottles is requesting permission to enlarge their patio seating.

The Sustainability Board meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will discuss 3 proposals to handle waste and recycling for the city government facilities.  They will also consider the City’s water conservation goals, weighing our desire to conserve water against our desire to retain our water rights.  Finally, they will discuss whether we need a Climate Resiliency Plan.  Cities create such plans so they’ll know how to respond to changes such as higher sea levels, increased drought, more severe storms, etc.