Bed Bugs & Beer

Bed Bug

This month’s Golden Beer Talk will take place this Tuesday (July 12th) at Windy Saddle Cafe.  The topic is Mosquitoes, Bed Bugs and Other Blood-Sucking Monsters, and the speaker is Dr. Robert G. Hancock, Metropolitan State University, Denver.

Blue jungle mosquitoes that feed on monkeys, swarming hoards of “swamp angel” mosquitoes in the everglades, wicked mosquitoes that transmit Zika, West Nile and other agents of disease, bedbugs, lice… believe it or not, Dr. Hancock loves them all.  He finds a special beauty in their syringe-like anatomies and marvels at the ways in which they steal blood from titanic hosts (like us) to survive and reproduce.   This Golden Beer talk will make you laugh, squirm and wonder about the amazing world of blood suckers and one man’s pursuit to get to know as many of them as he can.

This month’s beer will come from Golden City Brewery.  Learn more about the timing and the speaker at