Ballots and Bargains on Books

Haunted Physics LabYesterday’s Haunted Physics Lab was well-attended and great fun!  Dave Powers got some nice pictures.  See the Facebook page….

The Library is hosting a program from 2-3 to explain the state-wide initiatives on our ballots.  They promise to clearly explain both pros and cons of

State Health Care System
Requirements for Initiated Constitutional Amendments
Primary Elections
State Minimum Wage
Presidential Primary Election
New Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes
Medical Aid in Dying

skeletonreadingThis is the final day for the Whale of a Used Book Sale at the Fairgrounds (map), and that means it’s BAG DAY!  Fill a bag with books, videos, etc., and pay only $6 for the whole bag!  They’ll be open from 11-3.  Learn more on the Library’s website.

Skeletons at the Clear Creek History Park

The beautiful fall weather continues, so I hope you can get out and enjoy the colors.  Check the trails page for inspiration.