Bachman Property and Public Art

The Planning Commission meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will review a request to rezone some of the Bachman property from agricultural to residential, in preparation for building 8 duplexes.  Note that this is not the property that the City has acquired as park land.  It is adjacent to that property.  There will be a public hearing, so if you have an opinion on the subject, this is your chance to weigh in.  The meeting will be broadcast live through the City website, and you’ll find details of the project on that same page.

The Public Art Commission meets tomorrow morning at 9AM in the Public Works building, 1445 10th St.  These meetings are not yet being broadcast.  This group has a lot of interesting projects underway.

  1. They plan to ask City Council to establish a fix budget for their use of $50,000/year.  Until now, their budget has been based on a percentage of the cost of capital projects–$16K in 2008, $2K in 2009, $23K in 2010, $15K in 2011, $30K in 2012 and $30K in 2013.
  2. The bronze statue of a little girl that used to stand on the south side of the pedestrian bridge was recently vandalized.  The commission will consider whether it’s worth spending $1500 to repair.
  3. They will review proposals for twelve 2′ x 2′ medallions that will be embedded in the sidewalk between the creek and the library.
  4. They plan to commission an original piece of art for Ulysses Park.
  5. They will review the designs for the new mural to go on the Natural Grocers building at 24th and Ford.
  6. They will solicit proposals for transit shelters at 10th and Washington and 10th and Jackson.