Autumn splendor and this week’s meetings

Autumn 2015 on Clear Creek

Dave Powers got some nice pictures yesterday, while enjoying the beautiful weather with a walk along Clear Creek. See our Facebook page for some autumn splendor!

The Golden Urban Renewal Authority meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. They will discuss their 2016 budget. The original GURA district was the historic downtown. That area is doing extremely well, and keeps exceeding revenue predictions. GURA is now finished with downtown: after 25 years of continuous improvements, it’s considered “revitalized.” GURA is now beginning the revitalization process with three other districts: Central Neighborhoods, 8th Street, and Colfax. The first project in the Central Neighborhoods area was Natural Foods, and that is exceeding revenue predictions. 8th Street and Colfax won’t begin paying back GURA’s investments until 2017 and later.

The Economic Development Commission meets tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. They will discuss their objectives, now and going into 2016. The State of Colorado recently revised the boundaries of their Enterprize Zones, with the result that employers in some sections of Golden now qualify for tax credits. EdComm plans to ensure that eligible employers know about the new options. EdComm is also looking for ways to publicize Golden business success stories, as a way to help attract new businesses.

City Council will have a study session Thursday night at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. Public comment is not accepted at study sessions, but you can always send your thoughts to Council by emailing They will discuss the possibility of allowing some dogs to go off-leash, provided they wear a shock collar or have been tested and certified as responding to voice commands. The City Manager will present the proposed operating budget for 2016. City revenues have been strong, so the projected revenue has been amended from $24.9 million to $26.2 million. All departments plan to increase their operating budgets.

General Government – $75,113 increase *
Judicial & Legal – $93,231 increase *
Planning & Development – $185,131 increase *
Public Safety – $855,860 increase *
Public Works – $280,448 increase *
Parks & Recreation – $160,106 increase *

* Projected Actual Expenditures for 2015 versus Proposed Expenditures for 2016

All of these meetings will be broadcast live on cable channel 8 and through the City website. See the details of any of the subjects described above by reading the meeting packets on the Agendas page.