“Aspirational,” not “Mandates”

The City has asked me to amend this morning’s post about Resolution 2589, to be voted on at tonight’s City Council meeting.  I used the terms “mandate” and “quotas” to describe the proposed composition of Golden’s housing stock.

The City wants to make it very clear that those are “aspirational” goals, and not mandates or quotas.  Rick Muriby of the City’s Planning Department wrote me that “The Comprehensive Plan is an aspirational policy document that is written to reflect the values and goals of the community. It is not an enforceable legal document, such as the zoning code, and does not create a mandate to require the achievement of these goals. ”

Fair enough–I retract my use of those terms.  The following are “goals,” rather than “quotas:”  “The city will use its resources to ensure that at least 15% of the total housing stock is affordable to low income households, 15% affordable to moderate income households, and 15% is affordable to middle income households. “

As for my contention that the resolution will foster higher density, lower standards, and subsidized housing–please read the proposed Community Housing Policies for yourself, and draw your own conclusions.  If you have an opinion, you can offer public comment at tonight’s Council meeting, call your Council representatives, or send an email to

As always, thanks for reading‘s “What’s Happening in Golden?”

Barb Warden

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