And this is only a Tuesday!

Are you familiar with the calendar?  It’s the single best place in Golden to find out what’s going on…in fact, it’s what I use every day to see what I should write about.  Our calendar includes business, civic, non-profit, and cultural events, all in one place.  And it’s all-Golden, all the time.  We don’t cover anything outside of Golden.  Look what’s happening, just today!


Tuesday July 12th
7 – Golden Walks: Weekly Sunrise Walk
7 – Golden Optimists Club at Windy Saddle
7:15 – Golden Rotary at Rolling Hills
9:15 and 10:15 – Story Time at the Library
11:30 – Your Medicare Options at the Library
2 – Tween Coding Camp at the Library
4 – Lego Play & Build at the Library
5 – Line Dancing at the Buffalo Rose
5 – Mountain Bike Ride from Big Ring Cycles
5:30 – Paint Your Own Growler at Golden City Brewery
6 – Foothills Running Cycling Club Trail Runs
6 – Bingo at the VFW
6 – Your Medicare Options at the Library
6:30 – Golden Beer Talks: Mosquitoes, Bed Bugs and Other Blood-Sucking Monsters (featuring beer from the Golden City Brewery)
6:30 – Golden Kiwanis Club on the CSM campus
6:30 – Geeks who drink at the Buffalo Rose
6:30 – EdComm Meeting
7 – Parks & Rec Meeting
7 – Trivia at the Ace Hi

The calendar also details the exhibits going on at every museum in town.  It provides links to the meeting announcement and map links for the locations.

The calendar has a permanent place on the home page, so check it anytime you want to know What’s Happening in Golden–today, tonight, or in the foreseeable future.