Action-Packed Tuesday Night

The moon will be full at 5:05PM tonight.  I hope the weather will cooperate and let us see it, because this is the third of three “Super Moons” in a row.

Tonight’s Golden Beer Talk will feature Fred Linton discussing MillerCoors’ impressive sustainability achievements.  Rumor has it that he’ll be bringing a special Colorado Native Winterfest!  Windy Saddle will have something delicious on the stove, so plan to eat dinner there.  The doors open at 6 and the talk will start at about 6:35.

At 6PM, Free Horizon Montessori will host a Middle School Extravaganza tonight.  Check it out if you’re interested in the Montessori approach to Middle School.

From 6-7PM, the Library will host a program called Discovering Your Wellness: Managing Holiday Stress.  What if you could have your holiday cookies and eat them too? Coaches Glitz and Susan of Uninhibited Wellness present healthy ways for navigating the holiday season. We offer suggestions for dealing with the temptations presented at this time of year at home, while visiting family, and at parties so you can enjoy your holidays without feeling you have sacrificed your wellness or the treats you love.