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Heritage Square Update

Heritage Square representatives attended last night’s Historic Preservation Board meeting.  They plan to raze the current, Victorian-themed buildings and redevelop the area, probably into light-industrial & office buildings, possibly as a training center.  They do NOT plan to use the space for mining, housing, or big box retail.

They are working with various local groups to preserve certain parts.  The wedding chapel may be moved to some land at the north end of town, where Golden Landmarks is restoring the old Brickyard House.  The Victorian-style streetlights will probably be moved to the Railroad Museum.  All maps and historic documents will go to the Golden History Center.

The Historic Preservation Board inquired about the Victorian building facades.  Martin Marietta (which owns Heritage Square) estimates it would cost about $45,000 per building to remove the facades, which does not account for transportation or repair.  If someone had a use for them and could pay to remove them, the owners would be happy to let them go, but they would need to know by the end of this year, as redevelopment will start next year.

Golden Schools Forum

The Rotary Club is sponsoring a forum about Golden schools tonight at 7 at City Hall.  The panelists will talk about things like quality of education, trends, challenges, technology, etc. in Golden-area schools. There will be no topics discussed relative to the Jeffco School Board. Members of the public attending the event will have the opportunity to submit questions to the panel after the formal discussion has ended.

Tom Hughes will be the moderator, and the panelists will include:

Dan McMinimee, Jeffco Schools superintendent
Brian Conroy, Golden High School principal
Bridget Jones, Bell Middle School principal
Samantha Hollman, Mitchell Elementary principal
Michelle Applegate, Welchester Elementary PTA president
Kim Brock, Golden Schools Foundation chair
Marjorie Sloan, Golden mayor


Golden High School’s amazing, award-winning Drumline will perform tonight at the high school at 7.  Donations are appreciated!

Geology Museum

The CSM Geology Museum will hold an open house tomorrow night from 6-9, to get everyone in the mood for the Denver Gem and Mineral Show.  Details to follow tomorrow.