A Different Approach to Affordable Housing

Golden, Colorado, circa 1880-1890Photo Courtesy of the Denver Public Library – Charles Ryland Collection

The Historic Preservation Board meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will consider granting a Certificate of Appropriateness for a plan to demolish a one-car garage and replace it with a new garage with a 2nd floor apartment in the 8th & 9th Street Historic District.

Similar projects are happening all over Golden.  If you keep track of the cases brought before the Planning Commission, you’ll know they often field requests to permit vacation rentals (such as AirBnB) within an existing home.  Historic Preservation Board regularly considers cases within the historic districts where people are fitting accessory dwelling units or other rental space into an old home or carriage house.

Such conversions help create affordable housing within Golden by allowing homeowners to generate revenue which can be used to help pay a mortgage.  In some cases, it also allows families to provide safe housing for older (or younger) generations, by keeping them nearby while affording some degree of privacy.

Bill Litz, representing the Golden Landmarks Association, will attend the meeting to discuss the possibility of creating a Territorial Capital District.  Golden served as the Capital between 1862 and 1867.  The District would highlight Golden’s role in Colorado history and celebrate the buildings remaining from this era.