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  • What’s Happening in Golden?

    Floating and Flooding, Dinosaurs, Theater, and Quilts


    Golden Eye Candy – Frank Hanou – 90 Degree Day – enlarge

    Real World Events

    9AM Keg Konditioning @ Golden Mill
    9:30-11:30AM Full Walking Tour @ Dinosaur Ridge
    10AM-3PM Brunch at the Rose @ Buffalo Rose
    10AM Wild West Walking
    10AM and 1PM Wild West Short Tour
    11AM Wild West Pub Crawl

    2PM HAIR @ Miners Alley Playhouse

    2-4PM Sunday at the Museum @ Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

    Live Music

    11AM-2PM Scott Slay @ Buffalo Rose (Sky Bar Stage)
    1-5PM Falling West @ Dirty Dogs Roadhouse
    2:30PM The Francisco Escape @ Over Yonder
    3PM Funk It Up @ Wrigley’s
    4-7PM Will Whalen @ Buffalo Rose (Sky Bar Stage)
    8PM Karaoke @ Ace Hi Tavern

    Golden History Moment

    16th Street railroad bridge (17th Street bridge is obscured by the trees) – Denver Public Library Western History Collection, circa 1908-1915 – enlarge

    109 Years Ago
    The August 14, 1913 Colorado Transcript described considerable property damage resulting from a sudden downpour, which caused Kinney Run to flood.

    The storm broke directly over Golden, the heaviest part being Southwest of the park. The Rain fell in sheets for nearly an hour. The usually dry gulches draining the territory south of Golden sent gushing streams into Kinney run, which never has more than a mere trickle of water in it, and turned it into a raging torrent.

    The Denver & Intermountain car was just leaving town at that time. It passed over the bridge at 16th Street and was about to pull onto a bridge at 17th when the supports under both bridges were washed away. The car was stranded between the two bridges. The railroad quickly brought a crew of workmen to repair the damage and the line was functional again 24 hours later.

    Excerpt from the 1911 Sanborn Insurance Map – Library of Congress – enlarge

    The two lumberyards along Ford Street incurred about $5,000 in damage. At least two homes had flood damage, with one at 12th and East “filled up to the window sills with water.” Two irrigation ditches were damaged. G.W. Parfet lost a horse when he fell through a bridge and was drowned.

    The article ended with a mention of a similar flood, 27 years earlier, which had also caused significant damage.

    Kinney Run project under construction in May of 2022 – Patrick Klein – enlarge

    Kinney Run hasn’t often flooded, but when it has, it has caused damage in the low-lying areas along Ford and Jackson Streets. This is why Coors undertook the major flood abatement work for such an insignificant-looking stream. They have big construction plans for the brewery, and needed to get their property out of the flood plain.

    Thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!

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