Fall, liquor sales, and recycling


This is the first day of fall–the autumnal equinox.  Today, the day and the night are equally long, and after this, the days get shorter and the nights get longer until the winter solstice on December 22nd.

The Liquor Licensing Authority will meet in City Council chambers this afternoon at 2:30.  A new business is applying for a license to run a “Miners Saloon” in Miners Alley, just north of the Speakeasy.  Several Golden liquor stores will be appearing before the judge after being caught seller liquor to minors during a police undercover operation in July.   For the details, see the Agenda page on the city website.

The Sustainability Board meets tonight at 6:30, also in City Council chambers.  The agenda hasn’t been posted yet, but according to yesterday’s city newsletter,

•    They will review a new structure of a website dashboard, the sustainability data behind the metrics and future plans for city website changes.
•    Recent developments with the city’s waste and recycling program, the new green waste collection program, and upcoming yard waste events.
•    Looking forward to 2016, the board will review metrics that they are able to compile and analyze, given the lack of Xcel Energy city-wide data.