Gladius: Horses and Acrobatics Here in Golden

Gladius, horses, aerial acrobatics, Jefferson County Fairgrounds

The Jefferson County Fairgrounds is hosting an illustrious groups of performers beginning tonight and extending through April 20th.

Gladius is an equestrian acrobatic extravaganza.  The show is 90 minutes in length and features 14 performers and 20 horses (Belgians, Andalusians, Percherons, Miniature, Palominos, and Paints).  Set to an original score of rock music, Gladius will take you into a world all its own and leave you on the edge of your seat!  Fun for all ages, this show is sure to be something you’ll never forget!

Gladius has no corporate backing and is run by independent artists.  They are also running a sister program called ‘Hoofprints’ that is giving to underserved deserving youth of the community by teaching them through horses and movement.  The performers of Gladius are based in Las Vegas, but they are opening the show in Golden because the Creator and also one of the cast members grew up in Golden! 

Performances are every Friday and Saturday night, with two performances on Sundays.  Tickets are available online.