Here’s something you might want to put on your calendar:  a week from tonight is the second edition of Golden Beer Talks.

GB Talks is a homegrown endeavor organized by a few local Goldenites passionate about nurturing community connections, supporting local businesses, and learning a little something new now and then.

An evening hosted by GB Talks centers around a brief, informative and entertaining presentation by an expert on an irresistibly enticing topic. Held in Windy Saddle Cafe–located next to downtown Golden’s Welcome Arch–each monthly gathering features beer for sale from one of our local breweries, along with a variety of delicious food and drink offerings from the Windy Saddle kitchen and bar.

It’s Golden’s own grassroots version of TED talks for the benefit of our own local community–and just for the fun of it. There’s no admission charge. GB Talks is a nonprofit venture focused on three local favorites–Golden and Beer and Talking!

The next gathering on Tuesday, 12 November, at 6:30 p.m. features Finn Knudsen, discussing Beer and Health. An expert on beer and brewing, Finn will discuss research indicating that beer may aid in the prevention of osteoporosis, various cancers, high blood pressure, stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, kidney stones and ulcers. If this sounds like information you need, we hope to see you at Windy Saddle on 12 November!

The GB Talks organizing committee includes:  Matthew Burde, Yoko Burde, Pamela Gould, Carl Gould, Barb Warden, Frank Blaha, Bart Sheldrake, Whitney Painter, Brett Wieber and DeAnn Wieber.

Golden Beer Talks. Expand your mind with a beer in your hand.