Bike Cruise, Ukuleles, and Duck Billed Dinosaurs

Golden Bike Cruise

The Golden Bike Cruise is tonight.  The event starts at 6:00 p.m. with live music from local bands, beer from New Terrain Brewing, and food by Bob’s Atomic Burgers. Bring canned goods for a chance to win prizes, including an adult bike and a kid bike. Costumes are optional, but this month’s theme is Collegiate / College Sports. This month’s music is provided by Chris Thompson. The ride starts at 7:00 p.m.  Meet in the parking lot at 10th & Illinois.

The Local License Authority meets at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon in City Council Chambers.  Cheese Ranch (601 16th St. – map) is applying for a license to serve beer & wine.  Tequilas (17535 S. Golden Road – map) is renewing their license.  See the meeting packet for more information.

ukuleleThe Library is having ukulele jam session tomorrow night at 6.  Got a Ukulele? Know a few chords or songs? Jam with us and other ukulele enthusiasts the last Wednesday of each month. These are not lessons, just a chance to play with others.

Dinosaur Ridge is hosting a lecture tomorrow night at 6PM on duck-billed dinosaurs.