Having Fun and Helping Others

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum Garage Sale

Today’s Events
Don’t forget the Quilt Museum’s Summer Garage Sale from 9AM-2PM. Crafty craft-lovers will find great deals on craft supplies.

Both farmers markets are running this morning–the one at 10th and Illinois from 8-1 and the one at 15th and Jackson from 8-2.

The Safety Fair at the Fairground runs from 9AM-1PM. Lots of giveaways and free services, bouncy castles and face-painting. Bring documents that you want shredded or prescriptions that you want to dispose of.

Watch for military flyovers mid-afternoon, as part of the Marine Corps Memorial 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Mishaps and Closures
The Sherpa House recently had a fire, and they’re closed for the time being. Kohl’s recently had a flood, caused by their fire suppression system, and they are also closed for an undetermined period of time.

Neighborhood Rehab Project

A Hands-On Approach to Affordable Housing
There’s been much discussion lately about Golden’s need for affordable housing. It is certainly difficult for someone new to the community to find an affordable place to live. Golden home prices have skyrocketed in recent years, and rental rates in apartments are nothing short of stunning.

Neighborhood Rehab ProjectOne oft overlooked group needing affordable housing is older people who have owned places in Golden for many years. They have little or no mortgage, so they can afford to stay where they are, but they can’t afford to move any place else, because they couldn’t afford rent. As these long-term residents age, they may find home maintenance more difficult, both physically and financially.

There is a program here in Golden that helps these residents stay in their homes by helping them with home maintenance tasks. The Neighborhood Rehab Project has an annual Day of Service, where scores of volunteers fan out all over Golden to keep our community members warm, safe, and dry by fixing roofs, painting, patching, doing minor plumbing fixes and yard work. They call this the Be a Tool Day of Service. Volunteers receive t-shirts that say “I’m a Tool.” They’ve been doing this for several years, and they’ve helped many Golden residents stay in their homes.  Be A Tool has been so popular and so effective that Arvada, Englewood, and Idaho Springs now have their own Be A Tool days!

The 7th Annual Day of Service Neighborhood Rehab Project will be September 9, 2017. Please consider signing up to help this year! The deadline to register is this Monday, August 28thSee the website to learn more and register.