City Council Discusses Coexistence with Mines

City Council meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will consider selling an unused piece of City property at 1101 Catamount Drive.  They will grant the City Manager a 3% raise, bringing him to $175,100/year.    They will approve $918K for concrete work and $1.74 million for street paving during 2017.

Colorado School of Mines - Golden Colorado

They will consider a resolution that defines a process for obtaining citizen input on the School of Mines expansion plans.  At present, the City thinks that Mines, which is  within City Limits, should comply with City regulations.  The State, which owns the School, considers Mines exempt from City regulations.  Neither side is changing their mind, but this process will give the community a forum for expressing their concerns and preferences.

They will consider an update to our Sustainability Standards and make some code changes to facilitate Urban Agriculture.  They will vote on whether to accept the North Clear Creek Neighborhoods Plan.  For more information, see the meeting packet on the City website.