Today will be the warmest day we’ll see for the foreseeable future.  Get out and enjoy it if you can!  Check the parks or the trails page for inspiration.

christmastree2Most of the holiday lights are up downtown, so Washington Avenue and the Creek are looking quite enchanting.  The big tree at the corner of 10th and Washington won’t be lit until the night of the candlelight walk, which will be December 2nd.

Don’t forget the museum lecture today at 2PM:  Native Americans of Colorado’s Front Range: The Original Inhabitants.

The Ute, Arapaho and Southern Cheyenne Indians of Colorado lead a nomadic existence, moving from place to place hunting bison, elk and pronghorn and gathering wild plants. How did their relationship with the land shape their domestic life and spiritual beliefs? How did the introduction of metal goods such as knives, cooking pots and firearms change both domestic life and the measure of bravery as they encountered European-Americans?

Enjoy hot tea and cookies from 19th century recipes as you explore the rich ecocentric culture of our nation’s First Americans with historian Priscilla Marshall. Recommended for participants age 12 and up.