Zoning Changes, Pi Day, Pachycephalosaurs, and Big Fish

March 14, 2019
4th and Cheyenne

The City will hold a public meeting tonight from 5:30-7 in City Council Chamber to discuss the proposed North Neighborhoods R-2 zoning amendments. The city posted a survey on GuidingGolden to gather comments on possible changes to R-2 zoning. The neighbors aren’t confident that the proposed changes fully address their concerns regarding oversized developments. The City has committed to bringing visual aids that show how the proposed code changes would have affected recent construction. If you have an opinion on development trends in the North Neighborhoods, plan to attend and weigh in. Learn more….

Note: this North Neighborhoods discussion was already underway before City Council agreed to consider a moratorium on new development city-wide while the community could change the code to eliminate several loopholes that allow oversized development. Council will discuss and vote on the proposed moratorium next week, March 21st. If you have an opinion on either side of the issue, plan to attend the March 21st meeting or send an email to citycouncil@cityofgolden.net.

Since this is March 14th, the library will host a Pi Day Celebration at 5:30. (Get it? March 14=3-14=pi=3.1415….) Celebrate Pi Day by making pi(e)s, seeing how many digits of pi you can memorize, and celebrating math by playing games, doing crafts, and solving puzzles that highlight mathematical concepts.

Dinosaur Ridge will host an Everything Dinosaur Talk tonight from 6-7PM. Join the Friends of Dinosaur Ridge for an interesting talk on pachycephalosaurs, the bone-headed dinosaurs! Dinosaur Ridge Discovery Center, 17681 W Alameda Pkwy, Golden, CO (map).

Tonight’s Golden High School performance of Big Fish has been canceled because of the weather. The remaining performances are tomorrow night at 6:30 and Saturday at both 1:30 and 6:30PM.

Ace Hi Tavern – Karaoke, 9PM
New Terrain Brewing Company – Music by the Mesa – Rum Creek, 6-9PM
Golden Moon Speak – Booker and Ben, 7:30PM