EDComm, Beer Talks, and OLLI

December 11, 2018

The Economic Development Commission will meet tonight at 6:30 in the Public Works Building, 1445 10th St. They will discuss their proposed Local Awareness Campaign. This new program would replace the daily Golden Business News posts/emails. The Local Awareness Campaign will focus on service businesses (rather than stores and restaurants) 75% of the time and would use different media, such as Snapchat, Instragram, or Twitter. EDComm published an RFP for this new program and received one proposal. The group will discuss that proposal tonight.  They will also discuss their 2019 Work Plan, which will focus on Entrepreneurship and InnovationFor more information, see the meeting packet….

Meanwhile, Golden Beer Talks will take place at Windy Saddle Cafe starting at 6:30, with guest speaker Jeff Roberts of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition. Tonight’s guest brewery will be New Terrain Brewing.

From 6-8PM tonight, Mountain Lux Candles will be at the Old Capitol Grill.  Make a custom-scented candle for yourself, or as a gift!

Wednesday Preview:
Are you familiar with OLLI? That’s a nation-wide program that provides classes for people 50 and older. Our local “campus” is at the Jefferson Unitarian Church on 32nd Street. OLLI West will have a winter kickoff tomorrow morning from 10-12:30. There will be catalogs, registration forms, and other course information on hand, as well as people available to answer questions regarding the upcoming Winter Term. In addition, they’ll have a presentation at 10:30 by President Thomas Jefferson. Learn more….

Freedom of Information

December 10, 2018
Golden History Museum

The MOMS Club of Golden will meet at 9:30 this morning at Faith Lutheran Church, 17701 W. 16th Avenue (map). The MOMS Club of Golden meets the 2nd Monday of each month. Feel free to come to one of our meetings to learn more about our stellar Mom’s group! We have tons of fun with our kids all month long, and we welcome new members!

As mentioned yesterday, the Golden History Museum will host a lecture at 10AM today about the Vietnam War.

The Golden Safety Academy meets tonight from 6-8 at the Fire Department (911 10th St.). Tonight’s focus will be Motor Vehicle Theft/Trespass Prevention and Personal Safety.

Tuesday Preview: Golden Beer Talks

The guest speaker at tomorrow night’s Golden Beer Talk will be Jeff Roberts, the Executive Director of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition. You may have heard about a time when hundreds of journalists roamed the Denver metro area, keeping an eye on government — among other things — so that people could stay informed about important stuff, like how their tax dollars are spent. Newspaper journalists have become an endangered species in our state, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find out what’s going on in your community if something isn’t covered in the media. The Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition is a nonprofit, nonpartisan alliance of news organizations, groups and individuals that promotes freedom of the press, open courts and open access to government records and meetings. A big part of CFOIC’s mission is to help journalists and the public understand and use their rights of access to the records and proceedings of state and local government and the judiciary.

CFOIC Executive Director Jeff Roberts worked in journalism and public policy before coming to the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition in 2013. Roberts was at The Denver Post from 1984-2007 as a reporter, assistant city editor and data journalism specialist on The Post’s project’s team. He later spent four years at the University of Denver’s Center for Colorado’s Economic Future. Early in his career, he was a reporter at the News-Press in Fort Myers, Fla. Roberts has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism from Northwestern University. He is a board member of the National Freedom of Information Coalition.

Jeff was recommended to us by one of last year’s most popular speakers: Jim Clarke, the Associated Press Regional Director for Eight States.

Golden Beer Talks are held at Windy Saddle Cafe, 1110 Washington Ave.  Food and beer will be available at 6PM, with our speaker starting around 6:40PM. Following the presentation, we’ll take a brief intermission for Q + A. We’ll wrap up around 7:45PM, so that the cafe can close by 8PM. There is no cover charge and no purchase is necessary.  This month’s beer will come from New Terrain Brewing.

Beer Talks, EDComm, Clear Creek, and Future Park Plans

November 13, 2018

Golden Beer Talks - 1918 Influenza Epidemic - Golden CO

Golden Beer Talks happens tonight at Windy Saddle Cafe. This monthly lecture series has covered a huge range of topics, including the use of science in murder investigations, maps, political responses to drought, African Archaeology, caves, wildland fires, lasers, soul food, growing hops, how to spot fake news, injecting microbots for removing blood clots, blood-sucking insects, the Theory of Relativity, bacteria, locusts, the space program, soul food, bees, microbes, and many other obscure and interesting topics. Tonight, Frank Blaha will tell us about the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. The lecture starts at about 6:35, but people begin arriving at about 6PM to stake out a table. Almost all of the past Beer Talks have been recorded and are available on the site or as a podcast.

Carriage Rides in Downtown Golden COThe Economic Development Commission (EDComm) meets tonight at 6:30 at the Public Works building, 1445 10th Street. The Golden Chamber, which is currently between presidents, is short of funding for the Olde Golden Christmas festivities. Visit Golden is going to pay for the brochures and advertising in the Golden Transcript. The City will rent extra porta-potties for the Candlelight walk. The Chamber will request that EDComm pay $1,500 for the horse-drawn carriages, which will be in the 3 Saturday morning parades and will offer free carriage rides on Saturdays and Sundays (December 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th, and 16th). They will also discuss their recent request for proposals to replace the Golden Business News campaign with a Local Awareness Campaign, which would focus less on stores and restaurants and more (75%) on service businesses. They received only one proposal (from Goldentoday.com) and will discuss whether to accept that one or re-issue the RFP. They will also discuss their 2019 Work Plan, which will focus on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. To learn more about any of these topics, see the meeting packet….

The Parks, Recreation & Museums Board will also meet tonight, at 7PM at the Community Center. They will discuss Clear Creek Usage in the City. Topics may include use of the trail along the creek, impact to the surrounding neighborhoods, in-creek uses, the creek bank, communicating to the users, economic impacts, managing parking, and safety and law enforcement. They will also review the project descriptions that Parks has contributed to the Golden Investment Forum: Bachman Park ($3,000,000), a new history museum ($11,029,000), expanding the aquatics section in the community center ($5,500,000), improvements to Grampsas Park ($10,400,000), Lions Park improvements ($4,309,000), expanding Splash ($1,725,000), and developing DeLong Park ($780,000).  See the meeting packet….

72 New Apartments and a 48-Unit Hotel on 8th Street, Influenza Epidemic, Yard Waste, and Affordable Housing

November 12, 2018


Yesterday’s Armistice Day and time capsule celebration at the History Center was hugely attended!  They had hoped to hold it outside, but because of the snow they held the ceremony inside City Hall.  Council Chambers filled to capacity and the overflow crowd moved to the History Center next door.  VisitGolden posted a brief video of the event.  The 1968 time capsule contained many interesting things, including a Denver Post with a headline about an Apollo mission, a Golden Chamber newsletter, items from the Golden Kiwanis, Golden Garden Club, School of Mines, Railroad Museum, Foss Drug, Buffalo Bill Days, Lookout Mountain Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Foothills Art Center, Golden Business & Professional Women, a 1968 Golden High School Yearbook, Coors Promotional items, and sample ballot from 1968, and much more.  Stop by the Museum soon to see some of the artifacts.

Golden Beer Talks - 1918 Influenza Epidemic

In other news from 1918…the Influenza Epidemic was still raging when the Armistice was declared, but Golden lifted the ban on public gatherings–possibly to allow people to celebrate the ending of the War.  Only one week later, the Transcript announced that the ban would be reinstated.

With more cases of influenza in Golden than at any time since the epidemic started, the ban on public meets; etc., has been placed on the city again, after having been lifted the first of last week.  This action was taken yesterday by the city health authorities, after several conferences.  For the present, the schools will not be closed, but no public gatherings of any sort will be permitted, and church services, parties, dances, lodge meetings, etc., will be taboo until further notice.
Colorado Transcript – November 21, 1918

Why was this epidemic so important?  Consider this:  “The typical estimates are that approximately 20 million people were killed by of World War I – over a four-year period – and 50 to 100 million people were killed by the flu – with most of those deaths being over a four-month period.”  Learn more about this nearly-forgotten pandemic tomorrow night at Golden Beer TalksLearn more….

Fall Yard Waste

Yesterday I wrote that, since Monday is a holiday, our trash collection would be delayed one day.  That was wrong! Although we won’t have mail delivery today, our valiant trash collectors will be hard at work.  Fall Yard Waste Collection is happening this week, so (if you can find them, under the snow) get your leaves to the curb.  Learn more….

Golden Library - Teen Interactive ComicsThe Library will offer Teen DIY: Interactive Comics today from 3:30-5.  Use Makey Makey kits and other tech gadgets to add sound and tech elements to hand drawn comics as we combine technology and art! Register here….

The Golden Urban Renewal Authority (GURA) will meet tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. They will discuss a plan to build 72 apartments and a 48-unit hotel at the west end of 8th Street (where the Briarwood Inn recently closed). The developer plans to offer the units at market rate. GURA will discuss ways to incent the developer to offer some of the units as Affordable Housing. GURA will also discuss plans for the West Colfax Urban Development area, where that same developer hopes to redevelop the AAA-1 U Store It property into restaurants, low income housing, and office space.  For more information, review the meeting packet….

The Golden Safety Academy also meets tonight, from 6-8PM in the Fire Department training room. Tonight’s focus will be Identity Theft. Learn more….

Darker Days, Then and Now

November 4, 2018

Daylight saving time is over. Did you remember to reset your clocks? Today’s sunrise will happen at 6:32 AM and sunset comes at 4:54PM. We will have 10 hours and 22 minutes of daylight today. The days will grow shorter until the winter solstice on December 21st. Source.

World War I Ad from Colorado Transcript - Golden Colorado

The Colorado Transcript from 100 years ago this week shows no indication that we knew we were only one week away from the end of World War I. The lead article was entitled “Work or Fight Says City Council.” At the most recent City Council meeting, an ordinance had been passed requiring that all able bodied men in Golden between the ages of 16 and 61 must either get a job or go to war. The ordinance stated that “idlers and slackers are during this crisis a reproach upon and menace to the safety of our people.”

Other articles concerned the war work campaign, local boys being drafted, and appeals to support the Red Cross. Several advertisements reminded readers to Buy Liberty Bonds.

The influenza epidemic was still raging. There was a brief article stating that officials at the recent election wore flu masks, and another reporting that Golden schools and shows would remain closed until the epidemic retreated. Several locals were reported either sick or dead from influenza.

The first week in November 1918, was a dark time in Golden, but things were to improve soon. On November 11th, an Armistice was signed with Germany, and Golden went wild in celebration. I’ll write about that next week.

One of the ways that Golden commemorated the Armistice was to bury a time capsule in 1918, to be disinterred 50 years later. In 1968, we dutifully dug it up. (Unfortunately, we have few records as to what it contained.) We also filled a new time capsule with instructions to open it 50 years later, in 2018.

Golden Time Capsule from 1968Next Sunday at 11AM the Golden History Museum will open the 1968 time capsule. Let’s all plan to be there, and see what it contains.  Then join the discussion as to what we’ll bury in the next time capsule, to be opened in 2068!

If you want to learn more about World War I, plan to attend the lecture this Thursday, November 8th at the History Museum–World War I: Making the World Safe for Democracy.

If you want to learn more about the Influenza Epidemic, plan to attend this month’s Golden Beer Talk on Tuesday November 13th, when Frank Blaha will tell us about “The Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918.”

Preview of November Events in Golden

November 1, 2018

November Events in Golden Colordo

To learn more about any of these events, check the Goldentoday.com calendar of events.

Friends of the CSM Geology Museum “Let’s Talk” (in place of their monthly lecture)
Holiday Craft Fair at the Methodist Church
Preschool Nature Nuts: Talkin’ Turkeys
Concert in the CSM Library
Freaky Friday (early school dismissal)
Teens After Dark at the Library: Video Game Night
Colorado Rails and Cocktails: Train Wrecks
Mines Little Theater presents Rumors
A Night at the Caberet Miners Alley Fund-Raiser
Holiday Craft Fair at the Methodist Church
Preschool Nature Nuts: Talkin’ Turkeys
Fandomonium at the Jeffco Fairgrounds
Coffee with Councilor Saoirse Charis-Graves
Demon Dash at Golden High School
Holiday Craft and Bake Sale at Golden Terrace Village
Figure Drawing from the Model at Foothills Art Center
Night at the Museums (Golden History Museums and Dinosaur Ridge)
Mines Little Theater presents Rumors
West Side Live! Presents Wasted on the Young
Backcountry Bash – Colorado Mtn Club
STEM Girls at the Library
Golden Area Band and Orchestra Festival at the High School
English Paper Piecing
So You Want to Write a Memoir at the Library
Golden Library Textile Society
2018 Mines’ Summit Beyond Closure – Repurposing Mines
Materials Recycling Facility (The MERF) Tour
Woman’s Wilderness for Teens at the Library
Untamed – Medicine in Wilderness : Wilderness As Medicine at the Mountaineering Center
Trout Unlimited
Pulk (Winter Sled) Building Clinic
Golden High School Information Night
Mines Little Theater presents She Kills Monsters
Let’s Dance (toddlers) at the Library
8th Grade Parent Night
World War I: Making the World Safe for Democracy
Free Legal Advice – Elder Law & Probate
Paths to Publication at the Library
Mines Little Theater presents Rumors
SWE Girl Scout Engineering Day at Mines
CPR/First Aid Class at the Elks Club
Painting Notecards with Janet Nunn at Foothills Art Center
Golden History Museum Opens the 1968 Time Capsule
Sunday at the Quilt Museum – A Splash of Color: A Rainbow of Brilliant Black and White Quilts
Golden United’s “Flavors of Golden” Dinner
Fall Yard Waste Pick-Up (all week)
Breakfast for Veterans at Golden High School
MOMS Club of Golden
Teen DIY: Interactive Comics
Golden Safety Academy – Identity Theft
Golden High School PTA Meeting
Golden Beer Talks – 100th Anniversary of the 1918 Infuenza Epidemic
Community Blood Drive
Colorado Community Summit – Colorado’s Energy Future
Extreme Science: Buzzing with Energy at the Library
Library XYZ: Subversive Cross-Stitch
Foothills Art Center Holiday Art Market Opens
International Night at Shelton Elementary
Concert in the Mines Library
Mines Little Theater Productions presents She Kills Monsters
Homesteaders’ Day at the Clear Creek History Park
3D Printer Design at the Library
Golden History Roundtable at the Library: Councilor Paul Haseman discusses Charles Welch
Active Shooter Preparedness Class at the Elks Club
Mines Little Theater Productions presents She Kills Monsters
International Day at the School of Mines
Women’s Self Defense at the Lookout Mountain Nature Center
Global Sundae at the Library
NREL Walking Campus Tour
Director’s Storytime and Craft at the Railroad Museum
Book Group at the Library: Aunti Poldi and the Sicilian Lions
Opening Night of A Christmas Carol at Miners Alley
Be a Tool 5K Run
Miners Alley Children’s Theater: the Story of the Nutcracker
Fall Storytelling and Walk at the Lookout Mountain Nature Center
Front Porch Golden Book Club: Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders
Ukulele Wednesdays
Everything Dinosaur Talk: Archosaurs
Art on Tap – Ugly Sweater Decorating Party at Foothills Art Center
Responding to Climate Change
Concert in the CSM Library
Candlelight Walk

Murder Will Out

October 9, 2018

Tonight’s Golden Beer Talks topic is “Applying Geological Exploration Methods Towards Locating Clandestine Graves Related to Homicide Investigations.” In other words–using scientific methods to find hidden bodies. Jim Reed of Golden-based RockWare will describe how the multi-disciplinary volunteers of NecroSearch (e.g. anthropology, botany, criminalistics, entomology, geology, geophysics, meteorology, psychology, etc.) help to solve murders.

Tonight also marks Golden Beer Talks 5th Anniversary, and Dr. Jim Dale will lead his annual auction for a “Very Special Table” at a future Beer Talk meeting.  Tonight’s beer comes from Golden City Brewery, which will shortly celebrate its own 25th anniversary!  As always, the event takes place at Windy Sadddle Cafe and the speaker will start at 6:35. The doors are open at 6, and people will be there early to stake out tables.

The Economic Development Commission will meet tonight at 6:30 at the Public Works Building. They will discuss their work plan for 2019, an RFP to replace Golden Business News with a lower-cost alternative next year, and new workforce development webpage designed by city staff.

Golden Beer Talks, CSM Career Fair, EDComm, GHS PTA, Mannie & Bo’s Fund-Raiser

September 11, 2018

The School of Mines is holding a Career Fair today. They are expecting more than 360 companies to attend. Expect an influx of (very welcome) visitors in town today. You may also see buses operating in the vicinity of the campus.

The Economic Development Commission (EDComm) meets tonight at 6:30 at the Public Works building, 1445 10th Street (map). They will consider the 2019 proposal from Traxion, which is a business development incubator. Traxion supports EDComm’s mission to “Cultivate Innovation and Entrepreneurialism.”  Learn more….

Golden Beer Talks - Golden Colorado

Tonight’s Golden Beer Talk speaker is geographer Joseph Kerski, who will speak about “Good Maps, Bad Maps, Location Privacy, and Why It All Matters.” Tonight’s beer will come from Oasis Brewing. As always, the gathering takes place at Windy Saddle Cafe, 1110 Washington Avenue (map). The official start time is 6:30, but people will start arriving at 6 to stake out their tables.  Windy Saddle will offer dinner.

Golden High School‘s PTA will meet at 5:30 at the school, 701 24th Street (map).

Mannie & Bo’s is holding a fund-raiser tonight from 4-9PM to benefit Golden High Schools Football, Dance, and Cheer teams.  Go Demons!  (Map to Mannie & Bo’s)

Mannie and Bo's Golden High School Fund-Raiser

Wednesday preview
The CSM Geology Museum will hold their annual Open House tomorrow night from 6-9PM. Enjoy a variety of new displays. During the past year, the Museum received a collection of rare Colorado Territorial Gold Coins on loan from Jan Meyer, who has graciously allowed us to tell the story of early mints in Colorado. The seventh mural in the Irwin Hoffman series on the History of Mining will be on display. Free, Fun, and Fabulous!

Art (In Plein Sight) and Music (Golden Concert Choir) / GURA and DDA

September 10, 2018

PLAN Jeffco - In Plein Sight

PLAN Jeffco will be offering In Plein Sight again this year. This is a free, week-long public painting and gallery exposition in Jefferson County September 10-16. This biennial event will feature 25 professional artists painting in a variety of Jeffco Open Space locations throughout the week, with a gallery exhibit running Sept. 12 – 16 at the Golden Community Center.

The artists will be working different places each day, as follows:

• Monday, Sept. 10, 2018: 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. at Lair O’ the Bear Park (Idledale)
• Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018: Artists’ choice – any location within Jeffco Open Space
• Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018: 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. at Alderfer/Three Sisters Park (Evergreen)
• Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018: 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. at Elk Meadow Park (Evergreen)
• Friday, Sept. 14, 2018: 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. at Centennial Cone Park (Golden)
• Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018: 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. along the Clear Creek Trail in Golden, west from the corner of 10th St. and Washington Ave. (Golden)

Remember to check the gallery at the Community Center, starting on Wednesday. The gallery hours are 3-6PM Weds-Friday, 10-8PM Saturday, and 10-4PM Sunday.

Golden Concert Choir - Golden CO

The Golden Concert Choir will hold their Membership Night tonight. New members are welcome. You don’t need to be a good singer; you just need to want to sing.

We are committed to bringing the joy of singing to Golden. To join, no preparation is required. The choir’s Director will have you work through some vocal exercises to evaluate your voice range and tonality, note retention, sight reading and rhythm abilities. Must be 13 or older. There are choir dues (special arrangements available). Subsequent rehearsals are on Mondays from 7-9 PM. The first concert will be in December 1, 2018.

The Golden Urban Renewal Authority (GURA) and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will meet tonight at 6:30PM in City Council Chambers. They will discuss possible projects for the Downtown Legacy Fund. GURA still retains about $2 million from the work they did downtown, when that was an urban renewal area. They have hoped to use it on a final, signature project downtown. They and the DDA, which is now responsible for downtown, will discuss several options, including:

Washington 14th to 19th (streetscape/ safety)
Clear Creek Trail Jackson to Ford
Parfet Park upgrades (events or otherwise)
Downtown Restrooms (contribute to reconstruct)
Upgrades to existing planters/streetscape
Partner in Astor House Project
Downtown Wayfinding
Partner in Affordable Housing Project
Land bank targeted properties
Washington and 58 upgrades
Contribute to Downtown Fiber Optics
Parfet Park Mobility Hub

Tomorrow night’s Golden Beer Talk will feature Joseph Kerski, a geographer, discussing Good Maps, Bad Maps, Location Privacy, and Why It All Matters.  Learn more….

Beer Talks: Air Quality in Nat’l Parks, Shifting Priorities for EDComm, Invasive Deer & Elk, and Be A Tool

August 14, 2018


Golden Beer Talks - Golden ColoradoGolden Beer Talks begins at 6:30, but people will be staking out tables in Windy Saddle Cafe by 6PM. Come listen to a scientist from the National Park Service talk about how they manage air quality. Food and drink are available for purchase in the Cafe, but there is no cover charge and no purchase is required. Today’s featured brewery is Holidaily.  The Beer Ambassador will provide a quick update on Holidaily’s expansion plans.

The Economic Development Commission meets tonight at 6:30 in the Public Works Building–1445 10th St. Staff will propose to the commissioners that they maintain or increase their support for new, entrepreneurial businesses (Traxion) and reduce or eliminate their support for existing retail businesses (Golden Business News).  See the meeting packet for more information.

Front Range Deer - Golden Colorado

Tomorrow night (Wednesday August 15th), Jeffco Open Space and Jeffco Invasive Species Management will talk about
Understanding Front Range Deer and Elk. Tim Woodward, CPW Wildlife Officer will talk about deer and elk, their abundance, general biology, hunting seasons and why we hunt. He will help us understand how these animals use the Front Range and how their populations are changing.  Interested?  Register here.

The Neighborhood Rehab Project (Be a Tool) is accepting registrations and donations for the September 8th Day of Service. If you would like to participate in this project, where community members help elderly, low-income, or otherwise disadvantaged neighbors with home repairs and yard maintenance. This is a great program and helps Golden residents stay in their homes. Check out the delightful video that they’ve released to inspire you:

If you can’t see a video above, view it on YouTubeRegistrations close on August 26th.

Many thanks to the people and organizations who support "What's Happening in Golden."