Last Night, Today, and Tomorrow in Golden

February 15, 2019
Heritage Square Property

Last night’s City Council meeting included a couple of interesting announcements. First, Jeffco Open Space is going to do a land swap with Martin Marietta, which owns the quarry just south of the old Heritage Square. Open Space will give Martin Marietta a piece of land which will enable them to expand the quarry. In exchange, Open Space will get the remaining piece of Bachman property (located at Heritage Road and Highway 40) and the property that formerly contained Heritage Square. The City plans to post information about this swap today on Guiding Golden, so check there to learn more.

Coors Office Building at 311 10th St.

The second announcement detailed the property that the City has been considering “on 10th Street, east of Ford.” As expected, it includes the Coors office building. The interesting thing is how much additional property is involved. In addition to the building, the large parking lot across 10th Street and several other parcels are involved–basically, most of the former Goosetown neighborhood. The City is interested in this property because they would like to build a “civic complex,” including a new City Hall and cultural center. We would then need to decide what to do with the current City buildings. The Clear Creek Master Plan called for using it all as park land. Much interesting discussion will follow. Again, check Guiding Golden today for more information.

Jeffco K-8 students have an early dismissal day, so the Library is hosting Freaky Friday, with with games, crafts, and LEGO® fun from 2-3:30 this afternoon. All Jeffco students will be off Monday, for Presidents’ Day.

The Railroad Museum is offering a Highlights Tour from 1-2PM today. The cost is $3, plus general admission.

Tonight’s Live Music:
Ace Hi Tavern – Karaoke at 9PM
Buffalo Rose – Loving the Alien (A David Bowie Experience) and Hey Lady (B-52’s Tribute) at 7:30PM
Golden Moon Speakeasy – Algorhythm Trio at 8PM

Saturday Preview
The Quilt Museum has a few openings left in tomorrow morning’s Jelly Roll Rug Class. Jelly Roll Rugs are the latest craze and a lot of fun to make. There are many choices for you in this class. Scotti will teach you basics and some tricks to make rugs or placemats and you can go from there. These are a lot of fun to make and addicting so beware. There will be a 30 minute lunch break. Please bring a sack lunch and drink or visit one of the local restaurants. Class Fee:  $50. Call 303-277-0377 or 303-215-9001 to sign up today.

One Last Night of Lights

February 14, 2019
Holiday Lights in Golden Colorado

Happy Valentine’s Day! What could be more romantic than living in beautiful Golden Colorado? The City will turn off the holiday lights after tonight, so take one last walk or drive around downtown to enjoy them.

Thanks for all the responses on yesterday’s post, “City Plans and Civic Frustration.” If you’re new to “What’s Happening in Golden?” you might enjoy the following related posts from the past:

Today’s Events
10AM – Everything Dinosaur Talk: Thyreophora Part 2 (Ankylosaurs)
4PM – Subaqueous Debris Flow Processes and Deposits
5PM – Family Game Night at On Tap Credit Union
6:15PM – Inspired by Mountains at Bent Gate

City Council
City Council will meet at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. They will vote to give the City Manager a $24,500 raise, bringing him to $203,000/year.

The City Manager will provide a public briefing regarding property acquisition currently under consideration by City council. The property is “East of Ford St., near 10th St.

In recognition of the members of the Golden Cultural Alliance, their 700,000 visitors per year, and their $23 million contribution to the local economy, the Mayor will proclaim February to be Heart and Soul of Golden Month.

They will decide whether to approve new Sustainability Goals regarding energy, waste, and water.

They will consider applying to DRCOG (Denver Regional Council of Governments) for Federal funding to improve the interchange at US6 and Heritage Road and to do a “Complete Streets” project on West Colfax.

See the meeting packet for more details on any of these topics.

Live Music in Golden Colorado

Tonight’s Live Music
ACE HI TAVERN – Karaoke, 9PM
THE BUFFALO ROSE – Sammy Mayfield, Deep Pocket Thieves, and Emma Marie, 7PM
GOLDEN MOON SPEAKEASY – Booker and Ben, 7:30PM
NEW TERRAIN BREWING COMPANY – Music by the Mesa – Native Station, 6-9PM

Construction Discussions and Wednesday Events

January 30, 2019

Unless you’ve been out of town and off-line, chances are you’ve heard a lot of grumbling about development lately, including comments about:

• Multi-family homes built where single family homes used to be

• Homes built close to the lot line, without traditional front and back yards

• New houses that tower over neighboring houses

• Increased traffic

• Being told by traffic engineers that traffic levels are fine–not near capacity, in fact

• Projects built without adequate parking

• Being told that in the future, people won’t drive cars, so they won’t need parking

• The inefficacy of public comment, since most of these new developments fall under the umbrella of “use by right–” meaning that if the proposed projects meet our codes, then developers are permitted to build these new projects, irrespective of the opinions of neighbors.

The wheels of government move very slowly, but a few things have happened and are happening to address these issues.

  1. A group from the Central Neighborhoods asked for changes to the Community Mixed Use (CMU) zone, and as a result the code was changed to require slightly greater setbacks.
  2. A group from the North Neighborhoods is asking for architectural changes, hoping to make the new buildings blend better with their older neighbors. These changes are described on and are currently open for comment.
  3. City Council has agreed to discuss a moratorium on new residential building until the community can define building styles that we consider acceptable. The City Attorney has written a memo describing the process of setting a moratorium and pitfalls to avoid when doing so. Council will discuss the possibility of a moratorium at the February 28th study session.

What can you do if you are concerned about the nature of new development happening in Golden?

  1. Review the North Neighborhood’s proposed changes on Submit comments if you have any.
  2. Urge your Council representatives to support a moratorium. (See the ward and district map if you’re not sure who represents you.)
  3. If we do get a moratorium, participate in public meetings to define what we do want–not just what we don’t want.

Wednesday Events:

5:30-7:30 Public Meeting – Peaks to Plains Trail, Mouth of Clear Creek Canyon Segment at the Golden Communicty Center Learn more….

6-7:30PM Everything Dinosaur Talk: Paleontology 101
Join the Friends of Dinosaur Ridge for this interesting talk on the history of dinosaur paleontology (including the Bone Wars!) Dinosaur Ridge Discovery Center, 17681 W Alameda Pkwy – map

Live Music
Dirty Dogs Roadhouse – Peter Fletcher, 6-9PM
Miners Saloon – Lindsey Saunders, 6-9PM
Old Capitol Grill – Wintery Wednesdays Concert Series, 6-9PM
Rock Rest Lodge – Dave Frisk, 5-8:30PM

Thursday Morning:
10-11:30AM – Everything Dinosaur Talk: Theropods at the
Dinosaur Ridge Discovery Center, 17681 W Alameda Pkwy – map

Lectures on Dinosaurs and Rocks | New Shows at Foothills | City Considering Property Acquisition

January 24, 2019

Everything Dinosaur Talk: Sauropods, 10-11AM. Join the Friends of Dinosaur Ridge for a talk about long-necked dinosaurs, held at the Dinosaur Ridge Discovery Center, 17681 W Alameda Pkwy (map)

ED Talks, 2-4PM. The Geology Museum’s Ed Raines will discuss the geology of Aspen, focusing on the Leadville Limestone. Before Aspen became one of the world’s best-known ski resorts, it first achieved wealth and notoriety from its role in the Colorado Silver Boom. The talk will take place in the Arthur Lakes Library, 1400 Illinois Street. (map)

Van Tuyl Lecture Series, 4-5PM. This week’s topic is “Unconventional Rocks.” The USGS will discuss moon rocks on loan from NASA. This talk takes place in room 241 of Berthoud Hall. (map)

Foothills Art Center is opening two new shows this weekend: the 2019 Members’ Show and The Power of Process, A Jeffco Student Exhibition. If you’re a member, you can attend tonight’s members-only preview at 6PM. The Members’ Show features the diverse artistic talents and techniques of artist members. The FAC exhibition staff has juried artwork to select an exhibition that features engaging and creative content along with the highest level of craftsmanship. The Jeffco student show was curated by their teachers. The show focuses on the unique creative process of the students. The work of more than 50 students will be on display in this diverse and dynamic exhibition.

City Council meets at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. They will be asked to approve the purchase of a new dump truck/snow plow, at a cost of $210,300. They will consider an addendum to our water service agreement with Pleasant View Water and Sanitation District and Consolidated Mutual Water Company. Staff will brief council on some potential changes to the RTD W Line (light rail) schedule. The change would reduce Saturday service to every 30 minutes and would take effect in May. See the agenda for more information….

The City Manager will brief us on property the City hopes to buy in the Goosetown neighborhood (“east of Ford near 10th Street”). After the business meeting, Council will hold an executive session to discuss negotiation for this property.

Hot Tickets: Geology and Cowboys

January 17, 2019
Arthur Lakes Library

The School of Mines Geology Museum will hold one of their free, popular, ED Talks this afternoon from 4-5PM at the Arthur Lakes Library (1400 Illinois St – map). Ed Raines will discuss the geology of Aspen focusing on the Leadville Limestone

Before Aspen became one of the world’s best-known ski resorts, it first achieved wealth and notoriety from its role in the Colorado Silver Boom. This month, Ed Raines, Geology Museum Collections Manager and Mining Historian will present two talks on the geology and the history of the Aspen District.

“The Leadville Limestone: Colorado’s Magic Rock.” Aspen was one of the leading producers of silver, due to the high concentrations of the mineral in the Leadville Limestone formation. This lecture will explore the geology of the Aspen District with an examination of the Leadville Limestone and how “Colorado’s Magic Rock” played such a key role in the deposits found in Aspen.

Berthoud Hall

At the same time (4-5PM) the Geology Department will present a lecture on Uranium Mobility and Accumulation at the Jackpile Mine, Laguna Pueblo, NM. Berthoud Hall, Room #241 (map). Learn more….

City Council meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. This is a study session, which means no public comment. The Public Works Director will give a presentation on how the city’s annual asphalt paving plan is developed, and factors that are used to determine appropriate street maintenance. The Deputy Public Works Director will update Council on the planned utility rate study for the water, sewer and drainage utilities. Magellan Advisors will update council on the Broadband Feasibility Study. After the study session, they will move to executive session (no cameras or public) to give the City Manager his annual review.

American Mountaineering Center

The Colorado Cowboy Gathering starts this evening at 7:30 with a Sampler Showcase. If you’re not sure what this event is about, this is show is a great option, as each of the performers will play a short set (thus, “Sampler Showcase). All shows/all weekend will take place at the Mountaineering Center

Live Music Tonight:
ACE HI TAVERN – Karaoke, 9PM
GOLDEN HOTEL – Bridgewater Grill Lounge – Teresa Carroll and her Jazz Quartet, 6-9PM
NEW TERRAIN BREWING COMPANY – UllrGrass Band Competition, 6-9PM

Friday Preview
9:30 After ISIS: The Future of the Middle East in the Era of Donald Trump –
Jefferson Unitarian Church

January 9, 2019

Kid Stuff
The Jefferson County Public Schools resume today, after the winter break.

Dinosaur Ridge hosts TriceraTOTs this morning from 10-11 at the Dinosaur Ridge Discovery Center, 17681 W Alameda Pkwy, Red Rocks Entrance #1 (map). A story-time and craft program geared toward 2-5 year old kids. Siblings welcome! $5 per child non-member, $3/child member, adults free.

Adult Stuff
Golden River Sports (806 Washington Ave. – map) is having a Fly-Tying Class tonight from 6-9PM. No experience necessary. We will have a few vices and materials, but please bring your own if you have them! Contact us with any questions. 303-215-938

Live Music in Golden Colorado

Live Music
Old Capitol Grill & Smokehouse – Wintery Wednesdays Concert Series – Chris Thompson & Friends, 6-9PM
Rock Rest Lodge – Dave Frisk, 5-8:30P

Thursday Preview (see calendar for details)
10AM – Everything Dinosaur Talk
1:30PM – iPad Basics class at the Library
5PM – Family Game Night at On Tap Credit Union
6PM – Group Run at Runners High
6:15PM – Cooking Class at Earth Sweet Botanicals
6:15PM – Jason Antin’s Arctic Circle Speed Record at Bent Gate
6:30PM – City Council
6:30PM – Friends of the CSM Geology Museum Monthly Lecture: “Climate Change – The Challenge for Geologists” by Dr. Phil Nelson”
7PM – HOJI in Golden at the American Mountaineering Museum

City Council and High School Concert

December 13, 2018

City Council will hold their final meeting for the year tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. The business meeting items all fall within the “Consent Agenda,” which means that they will all be approved at once, unless somebody requests discussion on one of the items. The items include rights-of-way, easements, and the award of several bids, including $297,431.10 to landscape Heritage Road, $105,000 to recoat the thickener tank at the water treatment plant, and a 4-year “on call engineering service” contract with Muller Engineering and IMEG Inc to be used as needed. No rates were specified for the engineering contracts.

After the business meeting, they will adjourn to a study session to learn about the Sustainability Board’s proposed new goals for the coming year.

After the study session, they will hold an Executive Session (not on camera and closed to the public) “For Determining Positions Relative To Matters That May Be Subject To Negotiations; Developing Strategy For Negotiations; And Instructing Negotiators Regarding Property Lying East Of Ford Street Near 10th Street.

This year’s budget discussions have emphasized our straitened finances, so it seems improbable that the City would be contemplating a large purchase. I will be waiting with great interest to learn the topic of tonight’s Executive Session.

The High School’s various musical groups will give their Winter Music Concert tonight at 7PM in the High School auditorium at 701 24th St. (map). Come hear the various groups perform! Band, Orchestra, 24th Street Singers,, Demon Jazz, Musical theater, and a selection of solo an duet numbers will be featured. Admission is a voluntary donation to the performing arts program and/or items for the Denver Rescue Mission (gently used blankets, new socks). They will perform again tomorrow night (Friday) at 6:30PM. Should be a great concert. (Thanks the reminder, Violet!)

City Council, Holiday Art Mart, GHS Plays, and Live Music

November 15, 2018

The Sustainability Board will meet at 6PM in the Public Works building, 1445 10th St. They will compile feedback and draft preliminary recommendations for goals to discuss with City Council at an upcoming meeting.

Hunger Free Golden - Golden ColoradoCity Council meets at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. They will hear from Bethany Thomas, the Chair of Hunger Free Golden. This group has accomplished a number of things this year to ensure that low-income families in Golden have access to fresh, healthy food. They have arranged for GoFarm to distribute 311 local food shares. They have worked to increase enrollment in SNAP (formerly food stamps) and WIC programs. They set up a “Healthy Corner Store” pilot program at the East Tincup Market (17881 W. Colfax Avenue – Map). They’re doing good work.

After that, Council will adjourn to an Executive Session (no public access) “For Determining Positions Relative To Matters That May Be Subject To Negotiations; Developing Strategy For Negotiations; And Instructing Negotiators Regarding Property Lying East Of Ford Street Near 10th Street.” This often means that the City plans to buy some property. In this fall’s budget discussions, City staff has been emphasizing how tight our finances are, so perhaps it means something different this time. “East of Ford near 10th Street” is a pretty small area, so it will be interesting to learn what they’re discussing.

East of Ford in Golden CO
Click to enlarge

Rick Weiss, the founding director of SciLine, will offer a free talk today at 5:30PM in Brown Hall W210 at the Colorado School of Mines about “Evidence in an Era of Synthetic Credibility.” The talk is free, but reserve your spot online. Refreshments will be served.   Brown Hall W210, 1610 Illinois Street, Golden, CO (map)

Accel at Golden Ridge will host a free talk at 6PM: After the Diagnoses: Scrambling to Put the Pieces Together.

Holiday Art Market at Foothills Art Center in Golden ColoradoIf you’re a member of Foothills Art Center, you can attend their Member Preview of this year’s Holiday Art Market from 6-8PM.

Shelton Elementary will celebrate International Night from 6-7:30PM. Shelton Elementary students represent dozens of countries and cultures. Come learn more and experience a night of foods from around the globe!

Golden High School’s Stage Right Productions will present Student Directed One-Acts tonight at 7:30. Buy Tickets here….

Tonight’s Live Music:
Live Music in Golden ColoradoAce Hi Tavern – Karaoke at 9PM
Golden Hotel – Teresa Carroll and her Jazz Quartet, 6-9PM
Golden Moon Speakeasy – Ryan Flores, 7-10PM
New Terrain Brewing – Shaky Hand String Band, 7-10PM

Yeti Night, City Council Meeting, and an Evening at Foothills Art Center

October 25, 2018

YETI Night in Golden ColoradoCelebrate Yeti Night at the Mountaineering Museum tonight from 6-9PM. Costumes are optional, but you may win a prize if you come up with the best yeti costume. Enter the raffle to win outdoor swag and prizes Enjoy music by Electric Toast. Yetis of all ages are welcome.

City Council meets tonight at 6:30PM in City Council Chambers. The Mayor will read a proclamation naming November as Revive Civility Month. They will conduct a public hearing regarding the 2019 Operating Budget, which calls for $30,237,228 in revenue and $31,898,958 in expenses. They expect to maintain a reserve fund of 20.9%.

They will vote on an ordinance that would allow homes in the new Shelton Studio Ranch Planned Unit Development to be 35 feet tall instead of the 25 feet originally requested in the plan. The change would also allow accessory structures to be 25 feet tall instead of 15 feet.

They will also vote to vacate an additional portion of Arapahoe Street for use by Calvary Church. This change is allowing the church to build a parking garage on Arapahoe Street. After the change, traffic will be diverted behind the Armory Building and into the alley behind the Table Mountain Inn.

Wall of Hope at Foothills Art Center

Foothills Art Center will present a program tonight from 7-9PM: “Wall of Hope” is a story about how our community in Golden is using art as a conduit to create a healthy dialogue about mental health and suicide. We hope this project encourages other communities to be proactive and work together to start their own conversations. Join us for the public viewing this evening. If you can’t make it to the public event, please watch their video at

Music Tonight
New Terrain Brewing will host Music by the Mesa – Hymn for Her tonight from 6-9PM.
Golden Moon Speakeasy – Ryan Flores from 8-11PM.

If you’re looking for Halloween-related activities this weekend, check the calendar at GOLDENHALLOWEEN.COM.  There are tons of family-friendly events planned this weekend, as well as adult-oriented parties in town.

October 18, 2018

1968 - The Year of Turmoil - at the Golden History Museum

At 10:30 this morning the Golden History Museum (map) will present 1968 – The Year of TurmoilAmerica is more divided today than it was at any time since the Civil War. Or is it? Martin C. Babicz, Ph.D., will look at the tumultuous year of 1968, a year in which assassinations, riots, and war nearly tore the country apart. Dr. Babicz will also explore how the United States became divided in the late 1960s and the impact that polarization had on the future. $0 Members; $10 non-members.

As of last night, there was ONE TICKET LEFT FOR THE NOON CEMETERY TOUR on Saturday the 27th.  Buy it before anyone else does!

If you registered to participate in the Town and Gown book club–discussing Matthew Walker’s 2017 book Why We Sleep, Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams–don’t forget, today is the day, from 12-2!

Bell Middle School’s Talent Show is 6-8 this evening, as is Shelton Elementary’s Math and Science Night.

City Council has a study session ( no public comment) tonight at 630 in City Council Chambers. Jeffco Open Space staff will present an update on design and construction plans for the next segment of the Peaks to Plains Trail at the Mouth of Clear Creek Canyon. Council will consider proposed changes to the Pay as You Throw program. They will review the City Manager’s recommendation for the 2019-2020 Operating Budget and proposed rate/fee changes. They will discuss a funding request by The Action Center, which provides basic human needs and pathways to self-sufficiency for Jefferson County residents.

Weekend Preview:
The Fall Whale of a Used Book Sale starts tomorrow, but if you’re a member of Friends of the Library, you can attend the member’s preview tonight from 6-8PM

Halloween Events in Golden ColoradoFriday night offers some Halloween-ish events, including a Murder Mayhem and Madness Tour and paranormal investigators at the Railroad Museum. The Teens After Dark steampunk murder mystery at the Library is full.  Stake out all your Halloween plans by checking our special Halloween calendar at

Many thanks to the people and organizations who support "What's Happening in Golden."