City Council Will Vote on Moratorium Tonight

March 21, 2019

City Council will meet at 6:30PM in City Council Chambers. They will vote on the subdivision plat for new housing development known as the Shelton Studio Ranch. This is a Planned Unit Development consisting of 9 acres to be divided into 13 lots. This piece of land was owned by the late artist, Hal Shelton, and his wife Mary. Shelton Elementary was named after the couple.

Council will then consider whether to impose a 120 day moratorium On The Acceptance And Processing Of Applications For The Issuance Of Building Permits For New Two Dwelling Unit Structures In The R2 And R3 Zone Districts As Well As Acceptance And Processing Of Applications For Special Use Permits To Allow More Than 75% Of A Building IN C1, C2, M2 And CMU Zone Districts To Be Used For Residential Purposes, And On The Acceptance And Processing Of Applications For Site Development Plan Approval For Multiple Household Dwelling Buildings Under GMC Chapter 18.40 (Community & Economic Development Director) City Council will conduct a public hearing to consider establishing a 120 day temporary moratorium on the processing and approval of certain residential land use applications, affecting duplex and multi-family dwelling structures.

This moratorium is driven by a series of recent housing developments that residents consider out of scale and inappropriate for Golden’s older neighborhoods and “small town feel.” The community concluded that our 2030 Vision, Comprehensive Plan, and Neighborhood plans were not reflected in the municipal code, and that the code was the only thing that had legal weight when approving new development. The 120 day period is intended to give us time to incorporate our “vision” into our code.

If you have an opinion–either pro or con–regarding this moratorium, please plan to attend City Council tonight and express your views during the Public Comment period. If you can’t make it, send a note to

After the business meeting Council will hold a Study Session to discuss the proposals received regarding the future use of the Astor House. The five proposals that the City received for the building are included in tonight’s meeting packet.

Tonight’s Live Music:
Ace Hi Tavern – Karaoke, 9PM
Buffalo Rose – Sugaray Rayford Band, 7:30PM
Golden Hotel – Bridgewater Grill Lounge – Teresa Carroll, 6-9PM
New Terrain Brewing Company – Music by the Mesa – The Dave Booker Trio, 6-9PM

FREE Carnival, Horse Lecture, Scavenger Hunt

March 16, 2019

The JOY (Jamboree for Outstanding Youngsters) event at the School of Mines will be held indoors, in the Volk Gymnasium (1451-1489 Illinois St. – Map). This 10AM-2PM event is a FREE carnival, full of STEM-related activities. All are welcome.

Golden High School and Stage Right Productions will perform Big Fish – The Musical today at 1:30 and 6:30. Tickets – Adults $10; Students/Seniors/Thespians $5 (Map).

The is the final day for the Beautiful Junk Sale at the Jeffco Fairgrounds (map). They’re open from 8:30AM-4PM. Admission is $5 for either one or TWO people!

For horse-oriented people: the Horse Protection League is hosting a talk today from 1-3PM on Equine Behavior and Ground Manners. The event is free and open to the public. (Map)

The CSM Geology Museum (map) is offering a free scavenger hunt this weekend, and the first four kids who complete it will get free emeralds! The Museum is open 9AM-4PM.

Live Music:
Ace Hi Tavern – Karaoke at 9PM
The Buffalo Rose – Weatherbee and the Gnarbillys, 8PM, Dorado album release party at 9PM
Dirty Dogs Roadhouse – Dave Frisk Band, 7-11P

Sunday Preview
The Buffalo Rose will host a St. Patrick’s Day Variety Show from 4:30-11:30 tomorrow night with Green Beer, Entertainment, and Fresh Food Specials.

The Library will have Teen After Hours: St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt from 5-7PM.

Twelve Years of Golden News

February 16, 2019

February is the anniversary month for I’ve been doing this for twelve years now! Do you ever wonder why? I do it because I think it’s good for the community to have a single place that covers cultural, city, and business events all in the same place. I do it because I’ve found that people like knowing what’s happening in the community.

By 2007 (Goldentoday’s “birth” year), I had been peripherally involved with the Golden Cultural Alliance for several years, so my first self-appointed charter was to help them promote cultural exhibits and events.

In 2007 there was still much attention focused on downtown’s recovery and ensuring that downtown businesses remained viable, so I began promoting business events as well. (There weren’t as many back then: believe it or not, Golden used to go a month at a time with no live music anywhere.)

In recent years, I’ve been following board and commission meetings, so now I include the topics for upcoming city meetings, along with cultural and business events. I’ve found that Golden residents are tremendously interested in municipal news.

I plan to keep tracking local events, and I’ll keep sharing what I learn. Thanks for following my daily musings. Feel free to drop me a line anytime!

Barb Warden

Yesterday, I said that more information about the Jeffco Open Space land swap would appear on Guiding Golden, but in fact, it appeared on the Jefferson County Site. They will have two public meetings–March 2 at 9:30AM and March 5 at 5:30PM–to tell people more about the swap and to answer questions. The information about the City’s possible Coors property acquisition is now on Guiding Golden.

Residual Valentine’s Day Events

Tonight’s Live Music:

Downtown Restaurants, Peaks to Plains Trail, Job Fair

January 28, 2019

The Downtown Development Authority will meet at 6:30 this evening in City Council Chambers. They will consider a grant request from “Tributary Market & Drinkery,” which is a food hall that plans to open at 701 12th St. later this year. “What’s a food hall?” you may wonder. This article from last fall explains. The owners plan to install a heated patio enclosure at the cost of $18K+, and are requesting a $2500 grant to help defray the expense.

The board will also be asked to approve a date change on the Buffalo Rose’s $58,000 sales tax sharing agreement, since the construction ran a little longer than originally scheduled. The Buffalo Rose also has a $250,000 reimbursement agreement for property tax. That one is good through 2030.

Finally, the owner of the Ace Hi Tavern will describe some improvements that he is considering for his building. Did you know that that building was constructed in 1879 as Golden’s Opera House? The Stillman family bought it in 1961, and Mike Stillman is the 3rd generation owner! For details on any of these agenda items, see the meeting packet….

This Wednesday (Jan. 30th) from 5:30-7:30, Jeffco Open Space will host a public meeting about the upcoming Mouth of the Canyon segment of the Peaks to Plains Trail. This 1.75-mile segment within Clear Creek Canyon will extend east from Tunnel 1 along US Highway 6 and connect to the existing trail in Golden. At the meeting, attendees will receive a brief presentation about the project, and then will have the opportunity to ask questions of Jeffco Open Space staff.  The meeting will be held at the Golden Community Center.  Learn more..

Jefferson County Human Services will host a Multi-Industry Career Fair tomorrow from 1-3PM. Meet with employers in person to learn about career opportunities. This is a great opportunity to meet employers from major industries that are hiring for in-demand, high growth occupations. Many of these employers offer on-the-job training and career paths for your current or new career! Come prepared with a current resume and speak with employers. Learn more….

A Glimpse of 1948 in Golden…and Back to the Present

May 22, 2018

Downtown Golden Colorado in the 1940s

Click to enlarge this image of Golden in the 1940s.

The Golden Transcript has been publishing since 1866. The Golden History Museum has been working on digitizing the old issues, and they’re currently up to June of 1948. I love reading old Transcripts, and yesterday I was reviewing what was happening 60 years ago this week.

The May 20th, 1948 Transcript reported that the City was looking into paving the streets. The City Manager said that it was an expensive process, and it would take many years. Property owners would be expected to pay for the street in front of their property (at about $100 per 50 foot lot), with the City paying to pave intersections.

City Council was looking for a new source of water. They were considering purchasing water from Denver. They were also busy redesigning the street signs, and were evaluating hiring another policeman, as they had only four officers for a population of 6000.

The School of Mines was graduating its largest class ever–191, including 23 graduate degrees.

Foss Drug - Golden ColoradoThe ads were interesting too. The Appliance Shoppe was located at 1118 Washington Ave. (where the Red Wagon is now); Sarge Candies was at 1117 Washington Ave. (now part of the Buffalo Rose) , and Golden Cafe and Bakery was located at 1202 Washington Avenue (now part of Goozell Yogurt). Chuck’s Market & Grocery operated at 1214 Washington (now Laurel Property Services), while Safeway was half a block south, at 13th and Washington (now Peak Cycles). Tierney Jewelry Company was at 1206 Washington…and it still is, now known as Creekside Jewelers! Foss Drug Company was advertising lipsticks at 2 for $1.

The LaRay Hotel (which is now the Table Mountain Inn) had a new automatic shoe shiner, which allowed ladies and gentlemen to shine their own shoes in two minutes for ten cents!

You’ll find old Golden Transcripts online at  You can contribute to the cost of the digitizing project with a donation to the Golden History Museums.

Returning to the Present…
The Mobility and Transportation Advisory Board meets tonight at 6PM in City Council Chambers. They will hear from the Jefferson County Housing Authority about the low-income housing they want to build at 24th and Jackson. The Housing Authority will be requesting that the city vacate a north-south alley between 23rd and 24th. After that, the board will adjourn to a study session, where they will consider changing the municipal code. The proposal is that streets with posted limits less than the default speed limit should not be prioritized for traffic calming. You can see their agenda and watch the meeting live on the city’s website.

The Golden Chamber is having a membership luncheon tomorrow from 11:30-1 at the Briarwood Inn.  If you would like to attend, contact the Chamber to see if tickets are still available: (303) 279-3113 or

The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) is hosting a Power Lunch tomorrow from 12-1PM.  This month’s topic is What is the NREL Solar Radiation Research Laboratory?  The event is free, but you must register in advance.  Learn more….

Way More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

January 15, 2018

We’re celebrating Martin Luther King Day today, so there will be no mail delivery, and the library is closed.  Jeffco Schools and the School of Mines are also closed today.

Regular readers will know that my idea of a good time is to research Golden history.  Since work started on the Buffalo Rose, I’ve been researching the history of that building and the one that preceded it–the Overland Hotel.  Early Sunday morning I posted (on Facebook) an ad that I found in a 1934 Golden Transcript, promoting the Golden Plunge.  That’s the fabled swimming pool under the dance floor in the Buffalo Rose.  Apparently I’m not the only one interested in that topic, because in less than 24 hours, more than 4500 people had viewed the image.

Overland Hotel - Golden Colorado

Click to enlarge

The Overland Hotel was built in 1868.  It went through many owners over the next 20 years until, sometime in the 1880s, Edward Berthoud (as in Berthoud pass, the town of Berthoud, and Berthoud Hall on the School of Mines campus) bought it.  He kept his office and residence on the second floor of the building, and rented out store spaces on the street level.  In 1908, at the age of 81, Berthoud fell down the stairs while holding a lighted lamp.  The building sustained some fire damage and Berthoud himself died two months later of his injuries.

Click to enlarge

The building was razed, and the lot stood empty for some time.

Click to enlarge

In 1922, Grant Churches built a garage on the spot, where he sold and serviced automobiles.  In 1927, Churches converted the building to serve as an indoor pool.  It was 100’x30′ and 3′ at the shallow end and 9′ at the deep end.  The business was popular, but it failed during the Depression.

The Golden Plunge - Golden Colorado

Click to enlarge

The Plunge was re-opened by new owners in 1935, and again, it struggled.  It was a tourist attraction, so local businessmen wanted the city to buy it and use it as a rec center.  Elwood Romney, a coach at the School of Mines, found local investors and reopened the pool in 1938.  In the fall of 1939, he built a floor over the pool, so the building could be used during the winter for roller skating, dancing, basketball, etc.  The following spring he removed the floor (and sold the lumber) and re-opened the pool.

A labor union bought the building in 1941 and renamed it the Labor Temple.  They used it for their own meetings and as a community recreation center.  In 1943, the union was ready to sell the building, and once again businessmen tried to get the city to buy it as a rec center.  The building was still used for dances, and during WWII it was the home of a scrap drive.

In 1944, Leonard Vogel of the Coors Company bought the Stewart building (the one at 10th & Washington with the Indian painted on the side) and donated it to the community as a recreation center, so that ended talk of the City buying The Plunge.

After that, my knowledge of the building is much sketchier, because so far the online Golden Transcripts only stretch to 1948.  I know that the Young family ran a restaurant called Dud’s in the spot where the Buffalo Rose bar has been.  Sometime after that it was called Shotgun Annie’s.  There was a department store called “Eakers” north of the bar.  Kenrow’s restaurant was in the back of the building, where the beer garden has been in recent years.

Tax Deals, Music, and Crafts

December 18, 2017

Buffalo Rose - Golden Colorado

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will meet tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. They will discuss whether to enter into a sale tax sharing agreement with the Buffalo Rose when it re-opens. The proposed amount is 1/6 of the increased sale tax, up to a maximum of $58,500.   Read the meeting packet to learn more….  Last month, this board received a visit from the new owners of the old mortuary building at 11th and Washington.  They are still doing due diligence and looking at costs, but their general plan is to have retail or a restaurant on the first floor and apartments or possible offices in the second and third floor.

New Terrain Brewing Company will have Fireside Pickers from 6-9 tonight. Get cozy with us on Monday nights with the Fireside Pickers! With an abundance of talented musicians in our backyard, we are opening up the taproom to skilled pickers who can join us for impromptu Monday evenings of good jams & brews! Open to first 8 qualifying pickers.

Tomorrow morning at 10AM is the Director’s Storytime and Craft at the Railroad Museum.

Saturday Options

November 18, 2017

Homesteading day from 9AM-noon at the Clear Creek History Park

Art Rocks the Toad with Jesse Crock and Weatherbee & the Gnarbillys from 3-6 PM at Mountain Toad Brewing

Craft Beer with Councilor Casey Brown from 3-4PM at Cannonball Creek Brewing Company

Close the Rose from 3PM till closing. Stop by for one last drink (for the next year) at the Buffalo Rose.

FYI, The Corner Saloon (at the corner of the Buffalo Rose building) will be open for 2 more weeks, til Saturday December 2nd.

International Day at the Colorado School of MinesPhoto Courtesy of the Colorado School of Mines

International Day from 4:30-9PM in the Green Center on the School of Mines campus.

International Day is an annual “world bazaar” with exotic sights, melodious sounds and heavenly tastes of faraway countries. The exhibits at I-Day include samplings of food, dancing, singing performances and more on students’ native countries and cultures.

4:30 – 6:30 PM – Food samples at Friedhoff Hall, Green Center
7:00 – 9:00 PM – Culture show at Bunker Auditorium, Green Center

This event is open to all of Mines and Golden. Food sampling tickets are $1 each at the door, allowing visitors to sample cuisine from many different participating countries. Most samples range from 1-4 tickets.

Hosted by the International Student Council. Learn more….

It’s Friday!

November 10, 2017

The East Street neighborhood will have a park on 23rd Street
, thanks to our late neighbors, Virgil and Marguerite DeLong, and many years of patient pursuit by Community & Economic Development Director Steve Glueck.  Thanks, also, to City Council for approving the purchase.  It may be a while before the property actually becomes a park.  The Parks, Recreation, and Museums Board will need to evaluate the projects currently in their queue and figure out when they’ll do each, as budget permits.

Conrad Gardner’s memorial service will be held this afternoon at 1PM at Faith Lutheran Church, 17701 West 16th Avenue in Golden (map).

Veteran’s Day is tomorrow, November 11th, but there are several observances happening today.

7:25 Flag-raising ceremony at Bell Middle School
7:40 Flag-raising ceremony at the School of Mines
8:30 Breakfast for veterans at Golden High School

The Federal holiday is today, so there will be no mail delivery.

This is also the 242nd Birthday of the US Marines.  Barrels & Bottles (owned by a former Marine) has an open invitation for veterans:  Any branch of service, show your Military Active Duty/Veteran ID and enjoy some birthday cake and a pint of beer or a glass of wine on us. Everyone, Come Celebrate!!

The School of Mines has a concert in the library every other Friday during the regular school year. The performances are always free and open to the public. Today, they’re doing something a little different. Dr. Priscilla P. Nelson will give a comedic overview of her career through the lens of Shakespearean-style soliloquies. It’s called “To Dig or Not to Dig?”

Learn everything you always wanted to know* about the League of Women Voters this afternoon at 1PM at the Golden Library. They’re offering an orientation where you can learn all about them.  *but were afraid to ask.  For more information, call 303-238-0032 or visit

Tonight’s Live Music
THE BUFFALO ROSE – Wasted on the Young, 8PM
ACE HI TAVERN – Karaoke at 9PM

Thunder and Rain CD Release Party at the Buffalo RoseSaturday Night’s Music
ACE HI TAVERN – Karaoke at 9PM
THE BUFFALO ROSE – Thunder & Rain – Start Believing CD Release Show 7PM

Mines Little Theater will present Dracula tonight (Friday the 10th). Tomorrow night, they will perform Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, which peers through the lens of literature and science, utilizing time travel, math, and British humor to investigate the nature of life, grouse, and carnal embrace. Co-directed by Jordan Brothers and Daniel Renkert, the production promises ponderous queries, cracks at the literary greats, and investigative mystery. Both plays take place at 7PM at the Mountaineering Center (710 10th St.).

Civics & Spooks

October 29, 2017

Golden Votes and the Golden Library are hosting Civic Matters: An Afternoon of Film and Discussion from 12:30-5 today. An afternoon of film and discussion as Golden Votes presents two films about American politics.  Light snacks provided, registration required.

12:30 – 2:30 p.m. Bob Roberts – 1992 Documentary-style look at the fictional Senatorial campaign of Bob Roberts, an arch-conservative folk singer turned politician.

3:45 – 5 p.m. Strong Sisters: Elected Women in Colorado – The extraordinary story of elected women in Colorado. The compilation of oral histories from past and current female elected officials is the foundation for this documentary film. Q&A with the Film’s producer.

This is the final day for the Whale of a Used Book Sale at the Jeffco Fairgrounds (map). This is Bag Day, where for just $6 you can fill one grocery-sized bag with books. What a deal! They’re open from 11AM-3PM today.

Trick or Treat Train at the Colorado Railroad MuseumThe Railroad Museum is running the Trick or Treat Train again today from 10AM-4PM.  It’s full steam ahead for tricks, treats and trains at the Colorado Railroad Museum! The Railroad Halloween Town is a safe place to enjoy Trick or Treating. Catch a ride behind a historic Denver & Rio Grande Steam Locomotive in vintage passenger cars hosted by conductors and engineers in full costume.

Live Music:
THE BUFFALO ROSE – James Speiser at 2PM

Head to Matthews/Winters Park this afternoon from 4-6PM for Ghost Towns and Ghost Stories. Learn about the ghost town of Mt. Vernon under your feet, make a spooky craft, and take a short walk to the cemetery for ghost stories. Dress for the weather, in layers for the chilly October evening. Sturdy hiking shoes and a flashlight are recommended.

All ages. No registration required. There will be two guided hikes and story times. The first will leave the picnic area at 4:30 pm & the second at 5:30 pm.

You will meet the educator at the picnic area of Matthews/Winters Park, 1103 Highway 26, Golden, CO (map)

Many thanks to the people and organizations who support "What's Happening in Golden."