Moms & Kids, Crime Prevention, and Urban Renewal

January 14, 2019

Family-Friendly Events
9:30-10:30 MOMS Club of Golden
11:15-11:45 Let’s Dance at the Library
12:15 Preschool Time at the Library

City Meetings
6-8PM Golden Safety Academy: Crime Prevention

The Golden Urban Renewal (GURA) will meet in City Council Chambers at 6:30 this evening. They will discuss several infrastructure improvements in the Central Neighborhoods Urban Renewal Area, including sidewalk replacement on East Street, pedestrian improvements on 24th, Jackson, and Ford Streets, and park design to be done on DeLong Park, on 23rd St. They will also discuss how GURA might support Affordable Housing within their districts. Their options include purchasing housing, partnering with another entity (such as the Jefferson County Housing Authority), or subsidizing rents. They will also discuss the new public housing project recently approved by the Planning Commission for 24th & Ford-Jackson. City Council will hold public hearings on Feb 14th regarding the request to vacate the alley for that project and permission to start construction on the project before acquiring all housing permits. See the meeting packet for more details….

6:30-9:30 Open Mic Night at Dirty Dogs Roadhouse

Many thanks to the people and organizations who support "What's Happening in Golden."